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Penitentiary Officers’ Training Order to Be Specified
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Now the penitentiary officers’ trainings are carried out by the order prescribed by law on Civil Service. However, in practice it is not so applicable, as 1939 penitentiary officers out of 2081 being in the public service are not included in the name list of the civil service offices. The RA Deputy Minister of Justice Arpine Sargsyan informed about this, adding that the latter has a problem of implementing training. The amendments proposed by the Government to the law on Penitentiary Service were debated in the first reading at the sitting of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs and received endorsement.

The RA Deputy Minister of Justice detailed the regulations and documented that the training order of the persons holding chief, leading, middle and junior groups of the penitentiary service will be set out in two ways. There will be trainings on the individual training need assessment in the first version, it is designed to carry out current trainings in the second version not late than once in three years. The draft law specified the training order, its definition was reserved to the Minister of Justice, coordinating the sphere.

The executive body also presented the legislative package envisaging amendments and addenda to the constitutional law the RA Judicial Code. It is expected to comply the legislation with the Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes and remove the omissions existing in it.

The RA Deputy Minister of Justice Arpine Sargsyan informed that by the amendment to the law on Compulsory Enforcement of Judicial Acts it is proposed to design the complete structure making the mortgage as a state revenue within the framework of the criminal procedure. Unlike the Code in force, the new Code envisages a procedure of making the mortgage as a state revenue by two subjects: the prosecutor and the court, if the case is in the court proceedings. Amendments were made to the laws on the activity of the investigation bodies: they were reserved the implementation of the measures envisaged only by the Criminal Procedure Code.

Taking into consideration that from now on the proceedings will be regulated only by the Criminal Procedure Code, all proceedings regulations were removed from other laws. One united law regulating all issues on the proceedings should be.

A number of proposals of technical character were also made.

In his co-report the Committee Chair Vladimir Vardanyan underlined that it had been about two years that the Committee and the Ministry of Justice worked on this package of draft laws. The amendments were debated in detail also during the working debates.

The legislative package was endorsed by the Committee.

Regular Working Meeting of RA NA Staff and International Partner Organizations was Held
On May 17, the Staff of the RA National Assembly, permanently highlighting the cooperation with the international organizations, organized a meeting with the representatives of the international partner organizations in support of the UNDP Modern Parliament for a Modern Armenia Project funded by the...

UN Support to NA Capacity Development Highlighted
The Armenian parliamentarians highly appreciated the coordinated cooperation of the parliament with the international structure, thanked its representatives for the support to the capacity development of the National Assembly Staff in recent years.On May 17, the member of the Standing Committee on P...

It is Designed to Lighten the Load of Anti-Corruption Committee
The Anti-Corruption Committee works overloaded, which cannot but reflect on the quality of the case examination: the Deputy Minister of Justice Arpine Sargsyan at May 17 sitting of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs.The draft law on Making Amendments and Addenda to the RA Criminal ...

Convicts Can Enjoy Their Right to Education by the Proposing Draft
In accordance with Article 18 of the law on Education, the 12-year secondary education is obligatory until the learner’s turning 19, if that right has not been enjoyed earlier.The RA Deputy Minister of Justice Arpine Sargsyan has informed that in the RA penitentiaries there are about 300 persons dep...

Addenda to Law on Mass Media
On the basis of violations in the working zone, the state bodies will be given the opportunity to terminate the accreditation of journalists. The debate of the draft law on Making Addendum to the Law on Mass Media authored by the NA deputies Artur Hovhannisyan and Lilit Minasyan was held at the sitt...

It is Proposed to Increase the Fine Amounts Designed for Illegally Providing the Information
According to the available statistics, from 2019 till today no answer was submitted in general, to 3% of the inquiries in written form addressed to the information holders, in case of 9% the answers were incomplete, by inquiry some demanded information was not provided, in case of 3%, the informatio...

Joint Extraordinary Session of CSTO PA Standing Commissions Held in Online Format
On May 17, the RA NA Vice President Hakob Arshakyan took part in the joint extraordinary session of the CSTO PA Standing Committees on Political Affairs and International Cooperation, on Defence and Security and on Socioeconomic and Legal Affairs via videoconferencing.The members of the RA NA delega...

It will be Possible to Regulate Issue of Notifications of Participants in Administrative Proceedings with Adoption of Draft
The draft law on Making Amendments and Addenda to the Law on Fundamentals of Administration and Administrative Proceedings authored by the deputies of the NA Civil Contract Faction Gevorg Papoyan and Mikayel Tumasyan defines that in cases where it is not possible to notify the participant in adminis...

It is Envisaged to Extend Term of Activity of NA Inquiry Committee
The draft law on Making Amendments to the Constitutional Law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly authored by the deputy of the NA Civil Contract Faction Sergey Bagratyan proposes to extend the term of the activity of the NA Inquiry Committee. Pursuant to the current legislation, the term...

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