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Report on activity of RA Prosecutor’s Office for 2023 debated at committee sitting
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During the year 2023, 40.066 crime cases were recorded in the republic, compared with the year 2022, the crime cases increased by 8.1%. The RA Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan said this at April 29 sitting of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs, presenting for debate the report on the activity of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Armenia.

In 2023, decrease of minor crimes was recorded, at the same time cases of medium, serious and particularly serious crimes increased. In 2023, 1678 particularly serious crimes were recorded, in 2022 – 880 cases. 1132 cases of sudden death out of 1678 cases, which until the second half of the year 2022, were not calculated as a crime. In 2023, without sudden death cases 546 particularly serious crimes were committed. 80.9% of 40.666 crime cases are minor and medium cases. In the total mass of crime particularly serious crimes are 4.1%, and the serious crimes – 15%. In parallel with the increase of crimes, decrease of their disclosure indicator was recorded – by 15%.

Anna Vardapetyan also informed that that as a result of the completed cases how much money was returned to the state. “In 2023, the number of the cases sent to the court almost double – by 91.4% exceeds the indicator of the year 2022. In 2023, 33.396 criminal proceedings were completed, in 2022 – 19139. 8448 cases on 10170 persons were sent to the general instance and anti-corruption first instance courts. For comparison, in 2022, 4414 cases on 5214 persons were sent to the court.

It was noted that during the year 2023, increase on examined and completed cases in courts was recorded. 5080 criminal cases on 5485 persons were completed, in case, when in 2022 3208 cases on 3690 persons were completed, in 2021, 2921 cases - on 3375 persons. According to the Prosecutor General, with cases completed by judicial examination 173mln 385.000 AMD was restored to the state, in pre-trial proceedings – 34bln 325mln 746.000 AMD. Land worth 3 million 970 thousand drams was donated to the community, and the cultural values worth 3mln 367.000 AMD were handed over to the responsible protection of the Museum of History.

Anna Vardapetyan were addressed numerous questions, which referred to October 27 terrorism, the cases happened on March 1, 2008, imposing detention as a preventive measure, the delay of trials, the abrupt increase of the volume of the use and sale and the decrease of disclosure of those crimes, eavesdropping, the increase of the corruption crimes, the claims submitted to the anti-corruption court connected with illegal properties, the human fundamental rights and freedom, in some cases to bring people into custody, the illegal police actions, the investigators’ workload, etc..

Anna Vardapetyan answered the questions and gave clarifications.

The Committee took a note of the report.

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