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Delegation Led by Head of Belgium-Armenia Friendship Group Mark Demesmaeker is in Parliament
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I am grateful for pro-Armenian activity. We appreciate your visit in this very period: Armenia is going through quite difficult times. After the 44-day war most of you carried out pro-Armenian activity: remaining faithful to all-human values of human rights you made statements and adopted resolutions. The Head of the NA Friendship Group Armenia-Belgium Armen Rustamyan said about this during the meeting with the Delegation led by the Head of the Friendship Group Belgium-Armenia of Parliament of the Kingdom of Belgium Mark Demesmaeker.

The meeting was held on September 22, where members of the Friendship Group Seyran Ohanyan, Artur Hovhannisyan, Artsvik Minasyan, Babken Tunyan, Tsovonar Vardanyan, Aleksey Sandikov, Shirak Torosyan, Tatdevos Avetisyan took part.

Armen Rustamyan informed his colleague that the Friendship Group Armenia-Belgium is one of the biggest Friendship Groups of Parliament, which has 24 members: the representatives of the parliamentary three factions are involved in it.

Mark Demesmaeker thanked his colleague for warm reception and giving an opportunity for the meeting in such format. He noted that the Armenian community of Belgium shows great support in the Armenian-Belgian cooperation. “We try to raise the issues presented by you and defend them on all platforms. The problems of humanitarian aid are of key importance for us. We have been in Artsakh, we are rather well-informed, we are in control of situation,” Mark Demesmaeker said.

The Head of Armenia Faction Seyran Ohanyan welcomed the visit of the members of the Friendship Group in such complicated military-political situation for Armenia. He presented the provocations being continued by Azerbaijan, noting that banned weapons were used, the tortures and degradations towards people were combined with destroying the historical-cultural values. Seyran Ohanyan highlighted the condemnation of not only those actions, but also the use of relevant punitive measures.

The Secretary of the Civil Contract Faction Artur Hovhannisyan expressed his conviction that the delegation best understands the challenges facing Armenia and Artsakh. According to him, it is no secret that there is a dictatorial regime in the neighboring countries, Turkey and Azerbaijan, and the aggressive actions by Azerbaijan are not only due to territorial ambitions towards the Republic of Armenia, but also due to the fact that the growing pace of democracy in the Republic of Armenia in recent years greatly worries the dictatorial regime. “We record that this is an attack not only on the internationally recognized borders and territories of the Republic of Armenia, but also on universal values, democracy. In this context, we expect the support of the EU countries, also in terms of the protection of democracy,” Artur Hovhannisyan said, adding: “We see targeted assessments of the situation and condemning statements by a number of countries, in which it is clearly stated that the aggressor is Azerbaijan, and it is clearly recorded that the Azerbaijani troops is currently in the internationally recognized territories of the Republic of Armenia. We expect that apart from the addressed protocols, statements, condemnations, there will also be practical steps, and as a result of international pressure, we will be able to restore the territorial integrity of our country and get the aggressor out of the occupied territories.”

Summarizing, Artur Hovhannisyan emphasized the importance of the Armenian-Belgian relations, expressing readiness to deepen the cooperation in all possible fields.

The members of the Friendship Group Armenia-Belgium noted in their speeches that the Armenian people are facing an existential threat, stressing that the genocidal policy continues, and international war crimes are being committed. The immediate return of prisoners of war, hostages and other persons being held in Azerbaijan, in accordance with international humanitarian law, was emphasized.

A number of other issues of mutual interest were also discussed.

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