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The Security, the Rights of the NK Armenians and the Specification of NK Final Status Are Registered in Our Proposed Principles: Nikol Pashinyan
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During the National Assembly-Government Q & A session, the question by the NA deputy Arman Yeghoyan to the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan related to the statement on the rights and security of the ethnic Armenian population of Karabakh made by the President of the European Council Charles Michel. According to the deputy, that statement was an occasion of speculations on the Armenian media coverage, it is noted that the right to self-determination of Artsakh is driven away from the agenda or it is retreat from the agenda of the OSCE Minsk Group.

According to the Prime Minister, serious discussion was held on Karabakh issue in Brussels and by the results of that discussion the differences of the positions of Armenia and Azerbaijan were recorded. Azerbaijan considers that the NK problem is resolved, and Armenia considers that it is not resolved. Nikol Pashinyan added that in the possible context of the peace negotiations Azerbaijan presented its 5 principles, the Armenian side – its observations and the agenda. According to him, negotiations should take place on that basis. “The security, the rights and the specification of the NK final status are registered in our proposed principles,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

Eduard Aghajanyan and Maria Karapetyan are in Lithuania on a Working Visit
The Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Foreign Relations, the Head of the RA NA Delegation to OSCE PA Eduard Aghajanyan and the Member of the RA NA Delegation to OSCE PA Maria Karapetyan were in the Republic of Lithuania on a working visit on May 24-25.In Vilnius the Armenian parliamentarians ...

Minister of Foreign Affairs to Lilit Minasyan: The visit to the U.S. was within the framework of strategic dialogue
During the Q&A session between the National Assembly-Government, the deputy Lilit Minasyan asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan to go into detail about the visit to the U.S.The Foreign Minister answered that it was decided to raise the format of the Armeni...

Parliamentary Briefings To Be Held
The parliamentary briefings following the NA regular sittings will be held on May 26, at 11:00 in the NA hall 334.The NA Civil Contract Faction will take part in the briefings....

Rustam Bakoyan Asks Minister of Economy about Policy Implemented in Grape Procurement Process
During the NA-Government Q&A session, the NA deputy Rustam Bakoyan asked the Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan about the policy implemented in the grape procurement process. According to Vahan Kerobyan, the Government proposes to sign all procurement contracts in advance and to finance and support ...

Turkey Synchronizes the Normalization of Relations with Azerbaijan, It is Not Constructive: Mirzoyan
The deputy Taguhi Ghazaryan asked the Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan about the normalization process of the Armenian-Turkish relations and the existing relations at this moment. The parliamentarian asked the Minister if it is possible to have a meeting in Armenia in the near future....

Vahe Ghalumyan’s Question on Draft Laws Regarding the Community Enlargement and Administrative Division
On May 25, during the NA-Government Q & A session the Minister of the Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Gnel Sanosyan, touching upon the question of the RA NA deputy Vahe Ghalumyan, noted that beginning from 2011 the community enlargement process was carried out in two phases in 2016-201...

Armen Pambukhchyan: Rules of behavior related to seismic safety is taught
The deputy Alkhas Ghazaryan asked the Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Pambukhchyan about the measures taken from the point of view of public awareness to allay the population’s anxiety against a background of the recent earthquakes and tremors. According to Armen Pambukhchyan, the Regional Su...

About Initiative on Benefits of Pensions and Beneficiaries to Increase by 10%: Mariam Poghosyan’s Question
The RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Narek Mkrtchyan, answering to the question of the NA deputy Mariam Poghosyan, informed that from July 1 2022 the pensioners receiving the pension or the benefit in non-cash method, who will make deals in the points of sale operating in the RA territory and...

Prime Minister: The issue of Nagorno-Karabakh has never been a territorial issue, we say that it is an issue of the right
During the NA-Government Q&A session, the NA deputy Sargis Khandanyan referred to the statement of the President of Azerbaijan made after the meeting with the European Council President Charles Michel, in which Aliyev said that the five principles proposed by Azerbaijan will play a key role in draft...

When Will Meghri Community Have Gas Supply? Armen Khachatryan’s Question to Gnel Sanosyan
On May 25, during the national Assembly-Government Q & A session the deputy of the Civil Contract Faction Armen Khachatryan inquired when the Meghri community of Syunik Marz will have gas supply....

Armenia-Azerbaijan Negotiation Process is Rather Transparent and Public: Ararat Mirzoyan
Lilit Kirakosyan’s question to the RA Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan related to the negotiation process on the peace agenda.Ararat Mirzoyan has noted that, in fact, what there is on Armenia-Azerbaijan negotiation table is rather transparent and public. There are several directions, by which we alr...

More Trade Turnover by About 570 Billion AMD Has Been Compared with 2021: the Prime Minister’s Answer to Gevorg Papoyan’s Question
During the National Assembly-Government Q & A session, the question by the deputy Gevorg Papoyan related to the 9,4% economic activeness indicator of January-April 2022 published of the RA Statistics Committee. The deputy inquired about the actions that are envisaged to carry out in order the Govern...

RA Prime Minister: RA Government, which has adopted the Madrid principles, has given Azerbaijan a veto over the decision of the status of the Nagorno-Karabakh
“Mr. Prime Minister, while answering to the question of the deputy Armen Rustamyan during the previous NA-Government Q&A session, you said that you will make an important revelation related to the negotiation process on the Artsakh issue,” the deputy Hasmik Hakobyan said and asked the Prime Minister...

Arusyak Julhakyan’s Question to Prime Minister on Opposition’s Actions
On May 25, during the National Assembly-Government Q & A session the deputy of the Civil Contract faction Arusyak Julhakyan, addressing a question to the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, noted that the parliamentary opposition went out for street fight, without having the people’s support tries to...

Sergey Bagratyan: Has Iran changed customs tariffs for the Armenian trucks?
“Last week, there were rumors in the media that Iran changed the customs tariffs for the Armenian trucks,” the deputy of the NA Civil Contract Faction Sergey Bagratyan said during the NA-Government Q&A, then he inquired whether it has increased. The RA Minister of Territorial Administration and Infr...

All Held Persons, Prisoners of War, Hostages Shall Be Returned: Prime Minister’s Answer to Sona Ghazaryan’s Question
During the National Assembly-Government Q & A session Sona Ghazaryan’s question related to the work done on returning the prisoners of war and other held persons through international mediation. The RA Prime Minister answered that one of the themes under the main discussion in Brussels was it. The p...

Ideological and Political Basis for Local Self-Government Bodies
This is a document of systemized importance and will allow harmonizing the five-year community development programmes, which serve as an ideological and political basis for the local self-government bodies: the RA Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Vache Terteryan said,...

NA Standing Committees Convene Sittings
On May 25, the NA Standing Committees convened sittings. The draft law on Making Addenda to the Law on Mass Media authored by the deputies Artur Hovhannisyan and Lilit Minasyan was debated in the second reading at the sitting of the Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Diaspora, Youth ...

Committee Debates Report on Work Done by Budget Office in the First Quarter of the Current Year
The current conclusion of the Audit Chamber on Audit of the Budgetary Expenditures conditioned by new Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid 19) in the RA Ministry of Health will be debated at the joint sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs and on Health Care on June 1...

NA Standing Committees to Convene Extraordinary Sittings
The Standing Committee on Territorial Administration, Local Self-Government, Agriculture and Environment will convene an extraordinary sitting on May 25, at 14:15, in the hall 414.On May 25, at 14:...

It is Proposed to Extend Authorities of NA Inquiry Committee
It is proposed to extend the authorities of the NA Inquiry Committee by the draft law authored by the deputy of the RA NA Civil Contract Faction Sergey Bagratyan.At May 25 sitting of the National Assembly during the debate of the draft law there were different proposals by the deputies on extending ...

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