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Ararat Mirzoyan Receives Speaker of the Senate of Kazakh Parliament Dariga Nazarbayeva Arrived in Armenia on an Official Visit
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On November 14, the Speaker of the RA National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan received the delegation headed by the Speaker of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dariga Nazarbayeva arrived in Armenia on an official visit.

Welcoming the guests, Ararat Mirzoyan expressed conviction that Dariga Nazarbayeva’s visit would give new impetus to the Armenian-Kazakh relations. The NA Speaker has noted that Armenia is interested in deepening of relations with Kazakhstan, stemming from the mutual interests of our countries. He underlined that the Armenian-Kazakh relations practically develop in all directions, and the inter-parliamentary cooperation also plays an important role in that. In this context he has stated that during recent years the visit of the RA NA Friendship Group to Kazakhstan has taken place for the first time, and in the near future the Kazakh side's visit is expected. Ararat Mirzoyan has noted that positive dynamics is recorded by economic indices: the goods turnover has increased between the two countries by about 150%. According to the NA Speaker, the number is already expressive, and a great unused potential still exists. The Head of Armenia's Parliament has emphasized that the dialogue between the two countries goes on not only in bilateral, but also in multilateral directions, the two countries cooperate in the international different formats. He has opined that the viewpoints on those platforms can be more balanced, of course, first of all, in the security issues. “There is a sensitive issue for our country - the Nagorno Karabakh problem. There is a much emphasized viewpoint in Armenia that the allies should take into consideration the interests of each other in these issues on the international different platforms,” the RA NA President said. He has also talked about cultural cooperation, underscoring that the Armenian community of Kazakhstan prospers, has all opportunities for having its contribution to the development of the country and realizes very well that opportunity.

Expressing her gratitude for the reception, Dariga Nazarbayeva has noted that she will be very glad to meet again with Ararat Mirzoyan. She has announced she can confidently call the relations between Kazakhstan and Armenia brotherly, because there are cultural common roots. She gladly underlined that our scientists also work, who signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. “This year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the independent republics of Kazakhstan and Armenia. This is a great event, and we have a great thing to be proud of, there are concrete successes, but we always want a bit more,” Dariga Nazarbayeva said. She highlighted the development of the transport corridors in order to facilitate the trade relations between the two countries. She has also emphasized that the volume of the goods turnover increases, and there are more opportunities for its expansion.

Dariga Nazarbayeva has informed that next year the visit of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to Armenia is scheduled which, to her opinion also will be an important step on the way of the development of the relations between the two countries.

The Speaker of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan in her turn has recorded that the inter-parliamentary relations develop in a very good dynamics. She has also noted that there are great opportunities for the development of tourism. Nazarbayeva has thanked the NA Speaker for Centre of Kazakh Langauge functioning in Yerevan State University, where she is going to visit. “The prospects for the cooperation are great, and we should develop them in different directions. There is great scientific potential in Armenia, and in this issue we are ready to learn a lot from you. In general we move in the same direction,” Dariga Nazarbayeva said.

Ararat Mirzoyan has fully agreed with her that there is great potential of tourism, and the inter-parliamentary groups should actively work in that direction. “Indeed, everything goes in a right way, and we should follow that everything continues in that way,” the RA NA Speaker said.

Dariga Nazarbayeva left a note in the Book of Honorable Guests of the National Assembly, and also planted a tree of friendship in the Parliament Park of Armenia.

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