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Standing Committee on Economic Affairs
Spheres of activities:
taxes, duties, payments, industry, urban development, energy, natural resources, transport, communication, telecommunication, internet (global network), other branches of industrial infrastructure, tourism, trade and services, entrepreneurial activity, state property management, tariffs, investments, competitive economics, anti-monopolization and laws governing those areas
Phone (374-11) 513 415

Contains 9 deputies
Last Name, First Name, Sequential number Faction
Tunyan Babken
(Committee Deputy Chair)
017 "Civil Contract"
Aghazaryan Hovik
054 "Civil Contract"
Arushanyan David
020 "Civil Contract"
Avetisyan Tadevos
095 "Armenia"
Ghahramanyan Narek
062 "Civil Contract"
Hambardzumyan Karen
028 "Civil Contract"
Saghatelyan Ishkhan
072 "Armenia"
Simonyan Ashot
089 "Armenia"
Tsirunyan Hayk
068 "Civil Contract"

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