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Parliament continues debate of programme on activity of RA Prosecutor’s Office for 2023
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At May 6 sitting, the National Assembly continued the debate of the programme on the activity of the RA Prosecutor’s Office for 2023.

During the exchange of ideas, the deputies touched upon the problems recorded in the Prosecutor’s Office annual programme, the activity of the structure, the systemized problems and changes, the independence of the judicial system, the inadmissibility of the enforcement of double standards, the principles of comprehensive approach of fight against speech.

The representatives of the factions presented viewpoints on the issue under debate.

On behalf of the RA NA Armenia Faction the member of the Faction Artur Khachatryan gave a speech, noting that it would be likely to have also the component of the analysis in the programme besides the statistical data. He also referred to the problem of delimitation, noting that until now it had not been presented on the basis of what documents the delimitation process is carried out.

On behalf of the RA NA Civil Contract Faction the NA President gave a speech. He stated that it is evident that everything is being done to draw Armenia into the war, to create a situation in order to be able to implement a change of power in the Republic of Armenia. “In general, to implement a change of power, I think, some people are ready to sell their souls, some others have already sold not only their souls, but also have sold what is possible to sell.

I wonder that you think that after the events happened on September 27, the people of the Republic of Armenia have not understood and do not understand What’s going on? What forces are directed? What forces they direct? What for they direct the forces?... The goal is not to have the Republic of Armenia, or to have a unit, let’s say in Russia-Belarus, and it will have a subordinate government, how it has been for 30 years,” Alen Simonyan said, referring to the rigged election, the loot of the army, fight for taking office and bankruptcy.

Alen Simonyan underscored that they will not let Armenia lose the independence. “Armenia has and will have its distinct borders, Armenia will be forever, the people of the Republic of Armenia will make their choice,” the President of the National Assembly noted.

In her closing speech the Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan related to the MPs’ raised issues, speaking about the speech of hate, call for violence, hooliganism, the questions on use of disproportionate force, the external security issues, crime and increase of cases of violence.

“I am sure that everybody wants to see our Motherland secure, but is it possible to solve the security issues inside the country, if we speak all the time with each other using speech of hate. The answer is definitely no,” Anna Vardapetyan stated, adding that she faces the same situation in the law enforcement system. She underlined that in the society they will not be involved in any provocation or illegal discussion, the legal system will not be let to be involved in any political discourse.

In accordance with the constitutional law the Rules of Procedure, the annual programme on the activity of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office was taken into a note.

Covering the agenda, the parliament ended the work of the regular sittings.

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