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Parliament debates programme of activity of RA Prosecutor’s Office for 2023
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With cases completed by judicial examination 173mln 385.000 AMD (in 2022, - 469mln 543.000 AMD). In 2023, 34bln 325mln 746.000 AMD was restored to the state, in pre-trial proceedings, 34bln 325mln 746.000 AMD property damage was caused to the community, and among them land worth 3 million 970 thousand drams was donated to the community, and the cultural values worth 3mln 367.000 AMD were handed over to the responsible protection of the Museum of History. The RA Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan said this at May 3 debate of the parliament, presenting the programme on the activity of the RA Prosecutor’s Office for 2023.

During the year 2023, 1404 corruption crime cases were recorded in the republic (in 2022 – 898). Compared with 2022, the crime cases of this type increased by 506 or by 56.3%. During the year 2023, 252 officials were sued by criminal proceedings investigated in the Anti-Corruption Committee, in 2022 – 63 officials.

During the reporting year, 908 cases (in 2022, - 567) were completed from the criminal proceedings of 3556 corruption character, 306 criminal proceedings out of them were sent to the court with indictment on 757 persons.

It was noted that during the year 2023, 1bln 365mln 324.000 AMD worth property damage was restored by completed criminal proceedings of corruption character: During the year 2023, 149 criminal cases on 249 persons of corruption character were investigated and completed in the courts.

During the year 2023, 40.066 crime cases were recorded in the Republic of Armenia. Compared with the year 2022, the crime cases increased by 3054 or 8.1%.

Anna Vardapetyan answered the MPs’ questions, touching upon the decongesting the judicial system, the increase of revealing the domestic violence and the delayed justice. The deputy Hasmik Hakobyan was interested in the news on March 1 case. “When last year we were debating, besides personally getting acquainted with it, I mentioned that investigation group does not work on the case, despite the fact that it is very voluminous. During a very short period, an investigation group was formed, which began to be engaged with more intensive proceedings,” the Prosecutor General said, adding that a part was singled out from the proceedings, which was sent to the court, and it refers to one of the investigators of the investigation group examining the March 1 case, Armen Hakobyan, and the case on whom is in court. Anna Vardapetyan informed that there are presented additional bullets, which were sent for examination.

“There is a procedure related to the demonstrators convicted in the March 1 case, based on the judgement of the European Court on Virabyan and others’ cases, the Court of Cassation reviews the judicial acts, during the year 2023, a judicial act of acquittal on 16 persons was issued, before convicted for March 1 – it refers to the demonstrators,” the rapporteur noted. Regarding the additional bullets, the Prosecutor General stated that they were submitted to the body carrying out the proceedings, the citizens began trusting and presented what they kept with them.

Anna Vardapetyan informed that two proceedings were initiated in Armenia, which refer to the Azerbaijani aggression, one more proceeding was initiated connected with the people forcibly displaced from Nagorno Karabakh on the basis of the crimes of international character. According to the key rapporteur, two proceedings are not subject to public debate.

In the format of the exchange of ideas, the deputies touched upon the indicators sounded by the Prosecutor General, the problems regarding the domestic violence, the statistical data and the protection of the children’s rights.

In his extraordinary speech the NA Vice President Hakob Arshakyan, among a number of issues, also referred to the secrecy of maps, the demand of their publication, mentioning that during the negotiations many important nuances are considered. He noted that at some moment, they will be published, underlining that there is no secret from the people.

In his extraordinary speech the NA Vice President Ruben Rubinyan mentioned that in the created conditions the best way of guaranteeing, strengthening, ensuring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia is to stand at the borders of legitimacy. He underlined that we should rely on international law, the internationally recognized borders and we should protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty, regulating the relations with the neighbouring countries.

The debate of the issue will continue at May 6 NA sitting.

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