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Expenditures incurred by state for injectable medical products to be targeted and effective: Draft authored by Lusine Badalyan and Narek Zeynalyan debated in NA
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It is designed to supplement Article 44.2 of the law with a new sentence. Lusine Badalyan said this at the NA regular sitting, during the report on the draft law on Making Addendum to the Law on Medical Assistance and Service to the Population authored by her and Narek Zeynalyan.

According to the deputy, guided by the Law on State Procurements, when announcing tenders, the organization that offers the most affordable service usually wins, but affordable is not always comparable to quality.

“In case of competition, the state, public procurement and society suffer, and in order to be able to keep the quality high and guarantee the quality and reliability of the health services provided to citizens within the framework of the state order, we require a corresponding certificate of compliance and a certificate of origin with the draft,” the co-author of the draft said.

The deputy of the Civil Contract Faction Arsen Torosyan asked Lusine Badalyan about the installed devices the draft is about. In response to the MP’s question, Lusine Badalyan stated that the draft refers to injectable medical products, that is, invasive medical products.

The member of the Standing Committee on Health Care Hripsime Hunanyan informed the deputies that the issue was debated in the relevant Committee and endorsed. The deputy proposed to vote for the draft.

“The Government endorsed the draft law. We are sure that after its adoption, the quality of services will improve even more,” the Deputy Minister of Health Armen Nazaryan said.

The deputy of the Civil Contract Faction Arsen Torosyan asked the Deputy Minister whether there are risks that after the adoption of the draft, an increase in the prices of paid medical services will be, in response to which the Deputy Minister gave a negative answer and justified. “We don’t predict an increase in the prices of paid and state-ordered services, because we know medical centres (MC) that, acting within the framework of the state order, have already made the purchase in case of having the mentioned document, inflation was not observed,” the Deputy Chair mentioned.

Delegation of trade union representatives of Lithuanian state institutions visit Parliament
Diplomatic relations between Armenia and Lithuania are at a high level. The recently activated bilateral visits, which give new vigor to Armenia-Lithuania relations, are welcome. This was stated by the Chair of the Standing Committee on Labor and Social Affairs Heriknaz Tigranyan, welcoming the dele...

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