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Tigran Abrahamyan: Although it is difficult, Armenia fulfills its obligations stipulated by Trilateral Statement of November 9
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It is difficult to predict how the processes will develop, but it is a fact that Azerbaijan deviated from the Statement of November 9: the Secretary of the NA With Honor Faction Tigran Abrahamyan noted during the parliamentary briefings held on May 26, answering the journalist’s question about the fact that the previous day during the trilateral meeting in Moscow, the President of Azerbaijan stated about the Zangezur Corridor, and the President of the Russian Federation (RF) did not seem to respond to it, what that means.

According to Tigran Abrahamyan, the President of the RF stated that their positions on the Artsakh issue have not changed.

Touching upon the observation that according to the document of November 9, the Lachin Corridor should be under the control of the Russian peacekeepers, Tigran Abrahamyan mentioned. “Russia was obliged to prevent the establishment of the Azerbaijani checkpoint on the Hakar bridge, especially since it was located 20-30 meters away from its base. Russia is not only a party to the trilateral document, but also a major “player” represented in our region, it has its responsibility in this regard.”

The Secretary of With Honor Faction said that a very difficult situation arose in Artsakh as a result of the establishment of the checkpoint.

According to him, Azerbaijan already records the existence of its checkpoint as a fact, tries to use it to put pressure on Armenia in the negotiation process, and will use it in the future as well, regardless of who will be in power. In addition, the establishment of the Azerbaijani checkpoint created a very difficult situation for our compatriots of Artsakh.

“The parties have to fulfill their obligations. “After the signing of the document of November 9, the authorities of Armenia completely fulfilled their obligation, no matter how difficult it was for Armenia and Artsakh,” the NA deputy noted.

Tigran Abrahamyan recorded that Azerbaijan did not fulfill its obligations. He also underlined that Russia has responsibilities regarding the closing of the Corridor, the actions of Russia here should be much more targeted.

In relation to the issue of handing over the enclaves of Armenia and Azerbaijan, it was noted that handing over the enclaves is dangerous and contains deep problems. According to Tigran Abrahamyan, enclaves have military significance.

In response to the journalist’s question that recently one of the ruling party deputies stated that during his service there were not even 1970-80s weapons and military equipment in the armory of the Armenian Armed Forces, meaning that the army did not have proper ammunition during Serzh Sargsyan’s ruling period, Tigran Abrahamyan answered that during Serzh Sargsyan’s presidency, the Armenian Army was provided with various modern military equipment.

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