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Birth date
"Republican Party of Armenia" /RPA/
Born on November 1, 1974 in Yerevan.

1996 - Graduated from the Automation of the Mathematical Cybernetics and Research Faculty of the YSU (Yerevan State University.) 2000 - Graduated from the State Management School of the Republic of Armenia with qualification of mathematician, specialist of territorial governance and local self-governance, state servant.

2002-2007- Applicant at the Department of Political Science at the YSU. Candidate of Political Sciences.

1996-1998 - Served in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia.

Participated in a number of training courses - political PR of the parties (2005, Warsaw, Poland,) democracy 1st Summer School (2006, CE, Strasbourg, France,) political management and political PR of the parties (2006, Sharlot, Washington, USA,) democracy 2nd Summer School, (2007, CE, Strasbourg, France,) Yerevan School for Political trainings, (2006-2007, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.)

1999-2001 Worked as the head of education - cultural division of the Regional Integration department adjunct to the Government of the Republic of Armenia. 2001-2008 - Leading specialist of the State Purchase Agency SNTO (State Non-Trade Organization.) 2002-2005 - Lecturer of the Chair of the Political Sciences of the State Management Academy of the Republic of Armenia. 2003-2006 - Head of the RPA Center for Social-Political Studies.

2006 - Head of the Media and Public Relations Service of RPA. 2007-2008 - Responsibility of Foreign Relations of RPA. 2008 - Head of the staff of MFA Diaspora Relations State Committee of the Republic of Armenia. 2008 - 2009 - Head of the Staff of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia. 2004 - 2009 - Lecturer in the Political Science Department at Yerevan State University and at the Armenian-Russian Slavonic State University of the Republic of Armenia.

2002 - President of the NGO "Healthy Society." 2008 - Member of APU (Armenian Philanthropic Union) "Artsakh."

2009 - October 20 was elected as Member of Parliament by the proportional electoral order from the Republican Party. Member of the RPA Council.

2006 - Awarded with a letter of thanks from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia.

2008 - Awarded with the Medal of  "Drastamat Kanayan," by the Minister of Defence.

2009 - Awarded with the Medal of "Maternal Gratitude of Artsakh" of NKR, YSU Silver Medal.

2011 - Awarded with the Medal of “Garegin Nzdeh” by the decree of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia.

2011 - in May at the founding meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly “EUORNEST” was elected as co-chair of the Committee on Social Affairs, Education, Culture and Civil Society.

He is the author of a number of scientific articles.

He is married and has two children.

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