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Birth date
"Republican Party of Armenia" /RPA/
07.06.2007 - 12.10.2009
"Republican Party of Armenia" Faction  

19.06.2007 - 11.07.2007
Standing Committee on Economic Affairs  

He was born on January 2, 1951 in the village of Mets Marza in the Vardenis region.

In 1973 he graduated from the Armenian Agrarian University. He is an engineer, hydro-technician.

1973-1978 he worked at the department of irrigation and irrigation systems of Vardenis as head of the division of water use, 1978-1979 - as senior engineer then head of the division of the department of supply organization of the committee of the Republican “HayPetComGyughTechnics.” 1979-1980 he was an inspector, deputy of head at the People’s Control Regional Committee of Vardenis. 1980-1983 he was an instructor of the organizational division of the CPA district committee of Vardenis. 1983-1984 – director of the factory of iron concrete constructions of Vardenis. 1984-1994 he was head of the department of irrigation and irrigation systems. 1994-1996 he was deputy head of Yerevan HayJrshin association, head of the commercial and transportation department. 1996-1999 he was the founder of the M. G. Housing Ltd.

1999-2003 – Deputy of the National Assembly (electoral district # 45). He was a member of the Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs of the National Assembly, then a member of the Standing Committee on Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs of the National Assembly. Since July of 2001 a member of deputy group of Stability renamed Agrarian Industrial People Unity.

On May 12, 2007 he was elected a deputy by the proportional electoral system from the Republican Party of Armenia.

He is married and has four children.

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