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Born on November 28, 1962 in Yerevan

1985 - Graduated from the Philological faculty of Yerevan State University. She is a Philologist.

1996 - Graduated from the faculty of Politology and International Relations of the American University of Armenia, she is a Master of Politology.

2001-2002 - Participated in the Tbilisi school courses of the political researches of the Council of Europe.

2006 - Defended a thesis in the National Academy of Sciences and received a degree of candidate of philological sciences.

1986-1987  - Worked as a teacher in the secondary school of Ashnak village of Talin region.

1986-1991 - Worked as head of propaganda division of Yerevan city council of Young Communists of Armenia.

1991-1999 - Executive director of Hamazgayin/All-National Educational and Cultural Union.

1999-2005 - Worked as an Executive Director of the Centre of Comparison and Support of the International Programs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia.

1999 - up to present Ms. Galstyan is the Chair of All-National Armenian Educational and Cultural Union and the head of the “Humazgayin” Fund.

2005 - 2007  - Taught at Glendale Community College as an invited lecturer.

Since 2002 - Member of Armenian Writers’ Union.

Since 2011 - Management Council member of Yerevan State Linguistic University after Brusov.

She is an author of translations of three collections “12 stories and a play,” XX century American Prose Collection (1999,) the “Armenian Mouse” V. Saroyan (2000,) “XX century Prose in English” (2003.)

1986 - up to present in periodicals has published numerous articles and scientific publications: “Norq,” “Banber,” “Lraber,” “Avangard,” “Yerkir,” “Garun,” “Azatamart,” “Azdak,” “Andradardz,” “Yerkir Avetyats,” “Droshak.”

She was awarded with a prize by the Embassy of Canada for the best translation of Canadian literature.

She is an organiser of a number of international conferences, committee member and an editor for scientific collections.

Since 1990 - Member of ARF(Armenian Revolutionary Federation)

2006-2007 - Member of ARF Supreme Body of Armenia.

On May 12, 2007 she was elected as a deputy of the National Assembly by proportional electoral system from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation party.

She is not married.

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