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Born on August 11, 1963 in Yerevan.

1980 - finished Yerevan secondary school #135.

1980-1981 - was a worker at Yerevan Lamp Factory.

1985 - studied and graduated from Yerevan Kh. Abovian Armenian State Pedagogical Institute, later he continued his postgraduate studies. He defended his thesis on the theme “The Problem of the Learners’ Civil Upbringing in the System of National Education”.

He is a candidate of pedagogical sciences, an author of a number of scientific manuals and works.

1985-1990 he worked at school in the village of Nor Geghi, later at Yerevan # 181 school as a teacher.

1985-1987 - joined “Zangakatun” organization.

1987-1989 -  was a member of Unity organization, editor of “Zangakatun” periodical.

1989 - joined the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

1990-1995 - was elected a member of the ARF Central Committee of Armenia.

1990-1992 - participated in the organization of self-defense battles of Getashen, Shahumian, Berdadzor, Mardakert with Tatul Krpeyan, Shahen Mgheryan and with other freedom fighters.

1996-1998 - was elected a member of the ARF Supreme Body of Armenia.

1998-2003 – Governor of RA Aragatsotn.

2003-2007 – NA deputy (proportional list, ARF). Head of ARF faction of the National Assembly.

On May 12, 2007 - was elected a deputy of the National Assembly by the proportional electoral system from the ARF Party.

On  May 20, 2008 he was elected Vice President of the National Assembly and on April 30, 2009 he resigned.

On June 8, 2009 he was elected as Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs.

He is the author of dozens of laws and legislative initiatives.

He is head of the group of ‘Parliamentary Cooperation of the Protection of the Consumers’ Interests’ of the National Assembly. He made queries and statements on the tariffs of gas, water, telecommunication and power concerning the protection of the consumers’ interests in the National Assembly.

He was awarded medals and orders by the RA Defense Minister, Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation.

2010 – in April was elected deputy Chair of Defense and Security  Council of CIS Inter parliamentary Assembly

He is married with three sons.

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