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Birth date
"Republican Party of Armenia" /RPA/
Gagik Gagyan was born on January 21, 1950 in Yerevan.

In 1973 Mr. Gagyan graduated from the Mechanical-Mathematical Faculty of Yerevan State University. He is a candidate of Technical Sciences and Docent.

In 1973-1974 he worked in Yerevan "Astro" science and production association as an engineer, in 1974-1994 worked in the Polytechnic Institute of Yerevan as an engineer of the research department of the Institute, then as head of the educational-counting laboratory group. In 1982 he worked as a senior teacher of the chair of Machines Spares of the Institute, in 1988 - as a docent of the same chair and in 1994 - as member of Privatization and Denationalization Commission of the Republic of Armenia. In 1996 he worked in the Expert Service of Social-Economic Affairs of the Staff of the President of the Republic of Armenia as Senior Specialist and in 1999 - as Chief of the Department of Privatization of the Ministry of Privatization (now - State Property Management Department adjunct to RA Government). In 2004-2007 he worked as Chief of the Staff of the Government of the Republic of Armenia /Deputy Minister.

On April 8, 2007 he was elected as an MP of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia with the proportional election list of RPA. He is a member of RPA faction and Council of RPA.

He is the author of 29 scientific works and inventions.

He is married and has one child.

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