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Birth date

Hamlet Tamazyan was born on May 1, 1947 in the village of Odzoun in the Toumanyan region.

Mr. Tamazyan graduated from the Yerevan State Medical Institute in 1972. He is a surgeon, Doctor of Medical Sciences and professor. He is also a member of the Georgia Academy of Medical Sciences. He was awarded a Patvo Nshan (medal of honor) Order in 1989 and Artsakh War Sevices Medal in 2000.

From 1971-1972 he was a medical attendant in the Yerevan Second Health Complex. From 1972-1973 he was a surgeon in Alaverdi Central Hospital. From 1973­1978 he headed the Surgery Department in Akhtala Hospital. In 1978 and from 1980­1983 he worked as head of the Surgery Department in Alaverdi Regional Hospital. From 1978-1980 he headed the Surgery Department in Souk Aras, Algeria. In 1983 he worked as a surgeon at the Yerevan branch of the Center for Scientific Surgery under the USSR Academy of Sciences and from 1983-1987 he headed its Surgery Department. Over the next five years he was its leading scientific associate, later head of the Surgery Departmentn and then from 1992-1993 was the acting director. From 1992-2000 he was the Director of A. Mickaelyan Yerevan Institute of Surgery. Since 1994 he has been head of the Department for Narrow Specialization in Surgery in the RA National Health Care Institute. In 2001 he was elected member of the Board of the Surgery Institute named after A. Mickaelyan CJSC.

On May 25, 2003 he was elected to the NA from electoral district # 40 and he cur­rently serves on the NA Standing Committee on Social, Health Care and Environmental Protection Affairs. He is a member of the “People's Deputy” Deputy Group. He has no political party affiliation.

Mr. Tamazyan is married and has two children.

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