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Tatoul Manaseryan was born on April 14, 1960 in Yerevan.

Mr. Manaseryan graduated with a degree in economics from Kiev (Ukraine) State University in 1984. He is a professor, Doctor of Economics and author of 10 mono­graphs and more than 500 scientific articles.

Since 1983 Mr. Manaseryan has been teaching in universities in Armenia and abroad. From 1984-1989 he worked as a head of scientific team at the Scientific Research Institute of State Plans and Standards under the USSR State Planning Department. From 1989-1990 he was the chief advisor of the Chairman of the Armenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. From 1990-1991 he was the general director of the A. Sakharov Fund. From 1991-1992 he headed the Resident Mission of ArmentradeCanadian Company. For the next five years he was the president of Armentrade-California Consulting Company. From 1993-1997 he was a professor at Southern California Redlands University. From 1997-1998 he was the head of the Training Center of the Armenian Development Agency. From 1998-1999 he was the chairman of the Economic Task Group under the Political Council of the RA President. From 1999­2000 he was the president of the Armenian Tourism Development Union. For the next two years he was advisor and head of International Organizations Division in the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 2001-2002 he was the head of the International Division in the Emergency Department under the RA Government. From 2002-2003 he was the scientific director of the Center for Strategic and National Studies. In 2003 he founded Alternative Research Center.

On May 25, 2003 he was elected to the NA from the proportional list of the Justice Alliance and he is currently on the NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit, Budgetary and Economic Affairs. He was a member of the Justice Faction and has no political party affiliation. From September, 2006 he is not a member of any factions or deputy groups.

Mr. Manaseryan is married and has four children.

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