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Arman Saghatelyan

Born on August 26, 1975, in Yerevan.

1997 - 1999 - Served in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia. Reserve Captain.

1990 - 1991 - Student of the Airborne School of the Central Committee of the DOSAAF of Armenia.

1997 - Graduated from the Armenian Agricultural Academy.

2000 - Postgraduate of NAS (National Academy of Sciences) of the Republic of Armenia. Candidate of Political Sciences.

1991 - Co-author and presenter of the series of programs “Gorts” of the Armenian National Television Company.

2000 - 2010 - Specialist for propaganda and public relations of the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Armenia. Presenter of the TV program “Zinuzh” of the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Armenia.

2001 - 2010 - Lecturer of the State Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University.

2007 - 2008 - Lecturer of the French University of Armenia.

2003 - 2004 - Public Relations Adviser, then Head of the Public Relations Sub-division of the “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund.

2010 - 2011 - Adviser in the SNTO (State Non-trade Organization) “Center for Public Relations and Information” of the Staff of the President of the Republic of Armenia.

2011 - 2013 - Head of the Chair of “Scientific and Educational Center of Information and Technologies of Public Communications” of the V. Bryusov Yerevan State Linguistic University.

2011 - 2013 - Director of the Radio Station “ArmRadio FM-107.”

2012 - 2013 - Deputy Chief Director of “Pan-Armenian-Media Group.”

2013 - 2015 - Press Secretary of the President of the Republic of Armenia.

2015 - 2016 - Director of Public Radio of Armenia.

Participant of the liberation battles of Artsakh. With the student detachment, acting under his command, participated in the restoration of schools in the villages of the Martakert region of the NKR, taught at the school of the village of Mets Shen. One of the founders of the “Nor Hayer” (New Armenians) CHS (Club of Happy and Smart People) team.

Until 1997 - Captain of the “Nor Hayer” (New Armenians) CHI (Club for Happy and Intellectual People) team.

Since 2003 - Co-founder and Deputy Chairman of the “Armenian Association for Public Relations.” April 2, 2017 - Elected Member of the National Assembly from the RPA national electoral list.

Awarded Badge “Participant of Military Operations of 1992 - 1994.”

Awarded honorable Medal of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia and “Garegin Nzhdeh” Medal.

Author and co-author of many scientific articles and educational programs.

Has two children.

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