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Edmon Marukyan

Born on January 13, 1981 in Vanadzor.

Served in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia.

2002 - Graduated from the Law Department of Moscow Institute of Commerce and Law. Bachelor of Law.

2006 - Higher educational training course for Human Rights of Warsaw Helsinki Foundation, received qualification of a Specialist for the Protection of Human Rights and Interests.

2007 - Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Armenia, received a Master of Law Grade.

2010 - University of Minnesota Law School. Received a Master's Degree in Human Rights and International Law.

Participated in a number of specialized training courses (in Armenia, Poland, Hungary, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Germany, Russia.)

2002 - 2004 - Head of the Law Department of Media Public Organization “Media Group.”

2007 - 2008 - Lecturer in the Chair of Philosophy and Political Science in Hov. Tumanyan Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute.

2007 - 2012 - Partner, Lawyer at law office of “Populeks” LLC.

2009 - Senior Lawyer of the “Centre for Protection and Promotion of Interests” (CPPI) in Lori province.

2008 - Member of the Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia. Lawyer.

Since 2002 - Member of the “International Network of Youth Movements for Human Rights,”

2003 - Member of the Coordinating Council.

2005 - Member of the public observation group carrying out control at places of detention of persons arrested by the Police of the Republic of Armenia.

2006 - Elected Chair of the group.

2005 - 2012 - Member of the observation group, carrying out public monitoring in the criminal-executive institutions and bodies of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia.

Since 2006 - Founding member of the International Organization “Youth Network for Education  of Human Rights.”

2010 - One of the founders of the Human Rights NGO “Center for Strategic Proceedings.”

Author and co-author of several articles, analytical manuals and reports on human rights.

May 6, 2012 - Elected Deputy of the National Assembly from the electoral district #30.

Married, with two children.

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