Committee on The Inquiry Committee for studying the effectiveness of the measures taken by the Government and the Commandant’s Office to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID 19), to mitigate or eliminate the consequences of the epidemic in the fight against the virus, as well as to study the effectiveness and legality of restrictions of human rights and fundamental freedoms during the state of emergency
Spheres of activities:
Phone (374-11) 513323

Contains 11 deputies
Last Name, First Name, Sequential number Faction
Khachatryan Arkadi
(Committee Chair)
116 "Bright Armenia"
Tigranyan Heriknaz
(Committee Deputy Chair)
007 "My step"
Hakobyan Hrachya
055 "My step"
Julhakyan Arusyak
041 "My step"
Melkumyan Mikayel
090 "Prosperous Armenia"
Papoyan Gevorg
057 "My step"
Samsonyan Ani
117 "Bright Armenia"
Simonyan Alen
058 "My step"
Vardanyan Tsovinar
038 "My step"
Yeghoyan Arman
016 "My step"
Zohrabyan Naira
114 "Prosperous Armenia"