About Library

About Library

The Library of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia was established in1991.Mainly the patrons of National Assembly library are deputies and Natioanal Assembly staff. Information is provided in oral, paper and electronic versions. When required materials are only in National Assembly  Library we also serve public researchers.

Today the library collection has about 9000 items, which consists of reference books, constitutions, laws, treates, conventions, legislation of Armenian, CIS and European countries, publications of National Statistical Service, materials dealing with the functioning with society, history, politics, international relations and economics, that is to say all materials relavant to the legislature's activity.

If the Library does not have a certain publication in it's collections, it is possible to obtain it through intelibrary loans.

The Libray creates and maintains electronic database, which contains  books,  pamphlets, analytical discriptions from periodicals and newspapers, materilas relevant to the work of Parliament, as well as materials concerning issuesof future discussion.

For users Library provides Internet access,  photocopying. Librarians provide consultation of Library database and provide assistance with the search of information.