New Year Message by RA NA President Alen Simonyan
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Dear compatriots,

So, the year 2022 approached its end. It was a difficult year full of challenges for all of us. The world is in wars and non-stopping shocks, before our eyes rules functioning through centenaries get changed, new world order is formed, and it is natural that all this will not bypass us.

Yes, in 2022, we had numerous achievements in diplomacy, in state building and in other spheres, but many important issues remain unsolved: the issues of our prisoners of war, the withdrawal of the armed forces of the adversary that invaded the sovereign territory of Armenia were not completely solved yet. And the most urgent issue is the protection of the rights of our compatriots residing in Artsakh, even at this moment our 120.000 compatriots still have the status of hostage in their houses. That means that the problem of the Armenian people's security is not solved yet.

This is our prior challenge. The main work of the passing year have been aimed at this very issue, and we'll work in that direction in the coming year - in 2023, as I believe that our mission to leave our children as heritage peaceful homeland, and we'll reach that together.

And today, on the last day of 2022, I would like to assure you that we'll fulfill together our this mission.

Let the year 2022 bring welfare to our houses, let our soldiers come back soon, and let love and joy be I n our houses. Let the coming year bring happiness to all of us, and it will be year for fulfillment of our dreams.

Let God help us. Happy New Year and Holy Nativity.

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