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Press Conference of RA NA Speaker Artur Baghdasaryan and Speaker of Latvian Saeima Ingrida Udre

On March 8 a press conference of RA NA Speaker Artur Baghdasaryan and Speaker of the Latvian Saeima Ingrida being on an official visit in Armenia was held.

In his speech RA NA Speaker Artur Baghdasaryan stated that the visit of the Speaker of the Latvian Parlaiment (which is her first official visit to Armenia) will be of great importance for the development of relations between Armenia and Latvia.

Mr Baghdasaryan said that during the two-day visit three groups of questions were discussed, which refer to the development of inter-parliamentary cooperation, cooperation in international structures, and third, the deepening of political relations. In particular, an agreement was reached that Latvia will promote Armenia in the process of joining the European Union - within the framework “Wider Europe: New Neighbourhood” programme. By the order of NA Speaker a working group was set up, which will be involved in the study of legislation of the European Union and harmonizing it with Armenian legislation. The Speaker of the Latvian Parliament promised to assist in this issue as well - in the process of exchange of experience, harmonizing and complying with the legislation.

Mr. Baghdasaryan also informed that in 2007 the European Union will allocate big financial means for the implementation of the programme “Wider Europe: New Neighbourhood,” to which Latvia will take part. Mr. Baghdasaryan reminded that Latvia is one of the countries, which promoted Armenia and South Caucasus to be included in the programme “Wider Europe: New Neighbourhood.”

In the political sense, according to agreements, the two countries will cooperate in the international structures, which will give opportunity to defend the positions of Armenia connected with Nagorno Karabakh and other key problems.

Mrs Ingrida Udre, Speaker of the Latvian Saeima stated that in two days there were efficient meetings with Armenian high-ranking officials, politicians, numerous issues were discussed. In particular, Mrs. Udre said that Latvia and Armenia will cooperate not only in economic, but political spheres.

Mrs. Udre also highlighted the meeting with Garegin II, the Catholicos of All Armenians and noted that they visited Tsitsernakaberd and paid their tribute to the victims of the Genocide.

At the end of the press conference the speakers of the parliaments answered the journalists’ questions.

Answering the journalists’ questions, Ingrida Udre noted that the membership of three South Caucasus countries to NATO or EU is possible, if those countries have such an aim before them. The question of the terms depends on the cooperation of the given structures: “The road to EU and NATO is not easy. It is often conditioned by, perhaps, not so popular reforms, adoption of laws, ownership of budget. If the politicians are ready to adopt non-popular decisions, then everything is possible for the country.”

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