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Meetings of the Deputy of the European Parliament, the Key Rapporteur on Armenia Tomasz Poreba in the Parliament
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On December 20 the members of the Armenian delegation of EU-Armenian Parliamentary Cooperation Committee of the National Assembly Artak Zakaryan, Armen Rustamyan, Larisa Alaverdyan, Hovhannes Margaryan and Armen Melikyan met with the deputy of the European Parliament, the key rapporteur on Armenia Tomasz Poreba.

Tomasz Poreba opined that his working visit to the Republic of Armenia, as well as the Nagorno Karabkah Republic would be efficient with respect to unbiased and objective assessment of the report on Armenia to be prepared by him. Emphasizing the further rapprochement of EU-Armenia relations and the strengthening of cooperation, Mr Tomasz Poreba highly assessed the efforts of the Armenian authorities in the spheres of human rights, NGOs, as well as the reforms made in RA Electoral Code and emphasized their continuity.

The members of the Armenian delegation of EU-Armenian Parliamentary Cooperation Committee detailed the works being done in the improving the RA Electoral Code, noted the main factors and principles, which would promote the conduct of fair and transparent elections.

Emphasizing Mr Tomasz Poreba’s working visit to Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, the Armenian deputies expressed conviction that such visits to the region would help to make a truthful picture about the situation and real processes, which would promote to present unbiased and objective conclusions.

During the meeting the parties also touched upon the problem of the normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations.

The key rapporteur on Armenia in the European Parliament Tomasz Poreba in the National Assembly also met with the representatives of the political forces of the parliament. Artak Zakaryan, Armen Melikyan, Hovhannes Margaryan, Vahan Hovhannisyan, Styopa Safrayan and Larisa Alaverdyan from the NA factions attended the meeting.

The head of the ARF faction Vahan Hovhannisyan welcomed the rapporteur’s visit to the NKR, expressing confidence that the meeting that took place there covered the situation and crystallized the notions not only on external, but also on inner processes. Without touching the moods of the Artsakh people, taking into account their will and security, examining the refugees’ issue it’s possible to present the Karabakh conflict in the world arena, Vahan Hovhannisyan said.

The head of the Heritage faction Styopa Safryan in his talk with the newly appointed rapporteur on Armenia touched upon the problems regarding the Electoral Code and freedom of speech.

The member of the Country of Law faction Hovhannes Margaryan also in the name of his political force positively characterized the rapporteur’s two-day visit to the NKR. The visit to the conflict zone and personally getting familiarized with the situation serve as good precondition for preparing an objective report, the representative of the Country of Law said. The deputy expressed hope that the cooperation with the European structures would help Armenia for integrating into the European family as political priority.

The member of the RPA faction Artak Zakaryan talked about the events aimed the improvement of the electoral processes, informing the interlocutors that the Electoral Code was being reformed after every election for rectifying the disclosed shortcomings in applying them. Today the Code is under review, as well as on the agenda of the dialogue between the authorities and opposition. The deputy noted that the in the field of the freedom of speech they also try to solve the existing problems. In particular, reforms are in the legal field, for example, decriminalizing the responsibility for the slander. Such key laws, as the deputy ensured, pass the expertise of the Venice Commission.

Tomasz Poreba submitted to the political forces the main principles, which would lead him while preparing the report on Armenia. First, the deputy of the European Parliament will meet with all the parties to be involved in the NK conflict, situation and to be aware of the situation, too. He will focus on all the achievements of Armenia and the problems being solved. Mrs Poreba ensured that the report would be strictly objective and balanced. The deputy envisages also meeting with rapporteurs’ on other two states of the region for keeping the general principles. He noted that it was possible that the report would be ready and be presented at the end of the year of 2011.

On the same day the members of the delegation led by the deputy of the European Parliament, the key rapporteur on Armenia Tomasz Poreba visited Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex of the Armenian Genocide victims, laid flowers at the memorial perpetuating the memory of the innocent victims and Genocide Museum.

We’ll note that on December 15 the deputy of the European Parliament, the key rapporteur on Armenia Tomasz Poreba visited the NKR, in Stepanakert had meetings the Speaker of the NKR National Assembly Ashot Ghulyan, the Chairman of the NKR Refugees’ Union S. Saryan.

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RA NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan Receives the Deputy of the European Parliament Tomasz Poreba
On December 20 RA National Assembly Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan received the deputy of the European Parliament, the key rapporteur on Armenia Tomasz Poreba.The NA Speaker highly assessed the deputy’s visit to Armenia and NKR, noting that it gave opportunity to directly get acquainted with Armenia and t...

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