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Third Session of the Fifth Convocation of the National Assembly Ends
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On June 13 the RA National Assembly continued the work of the four-day sittings, passing by voting “The Report on the State Budget Execution of the RA for 2012.”

The parliament also completely passed the package of the RA draft laws “On Amending the RA Law on the Structure of the RA Government” and “On Amending the RA Law on Public Service” by the third reading.

Then the Chairman of the Control Chamber (CC) Ishkhan Zakaryan presented the annual report of the CC of the Republic of Armenia for 2012.

The key reporter noted that, as a result of the control implemented during the current year in the state bodies and a number of other organizations numerous violations and shortcomings of ineffective expenditures had been recorded.

Addressing to the CC Chairman the NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan has expressed concern that the RA CC every year makes a report on the violations and speculations registered in different spheres, but the speculations continue. The NA Speaker has noticed that an impression is created in the society that the violations are disclosed, touched upon out loud, but the problem is not solved. “The Prime Minister should take serious steps in that direction, which should have serious consequences of concrete officials. There are no irreplaceable officials, we should get rid of those people, who are involved in robbery, falsifications and embezzlements,” the NA Speaker said.

Answering the NA Speaker Ishkhan Zakaryan has noted that only the State Committee of Water Economy has not agreed with the violations recorded by the CC.

The CC Chairman has noted that by the assignment of the Head of the Government the ministers’ answers are posted on the website of the government, and we can be informed about the elimination of the violation.

The deputies addressed questions on the report of the RA CC to the Head of the structure Ishkhan Zakaryan.

The member of the NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs Sukias Avetisyan has informed that the Committee has discussed and accepted the report of the RA CC as granted.

The debate of the issue was interrupted, as the work of the four-day sittings and the spring session ended.

The NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan declared about the end of the third session of the fifth convocation of the National Assembly: the anthem of the Republic of Armenia sounded.

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