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Item of Candidate for Chairman of Central Bank Debated
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At March 31 sitting of the RA NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs moderated by Mane Tandilyan, the item on the candidacy of the Chairman of the RA Central Bank (CB) and nominating a candidate for that post to the National Assembly pursuant to Article 145 of the RA Constitutional Law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly was debated.

Mane Tandilyan informed that the Committee received nomination of one candidate. The RA NA My Step Faction nominated Martin Galstyan’s candidacy.

Presenting Martin Galstyan’s biography the key speaker, the Deputy Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs Artak Manukyan has underlined that the candidate’s passed path, publications are vivid assessments of high professional preparedness.

The candidate thanked the three factions for meeting with them and for interesting discussion.

In his speech Martin Galstyan touched upon the monetary policy, considering it one of the main mechanisms of the state economy management. He also spoke about the problems of the provision of financial stability. The candidate underlined the issue of facing the challenges of the 21st century on the IT sphere in the banking system, the cyber security problems

The speaker highlighted the cooperation between the Central Bank and the National Assembly.

The questions addressed to the candidate of the Chairman of the Central Bank referred to the purposeful decrease of the inflation and targeting, the review of the targets, the financial literacy, the accountability, the control of the securities market and the new credit policy.

Emphasizing the candidate’s professional decency, the realization of the public interest importance, Artak Manukyan proposed the MPs to vote for him and give an opportunity to the plenary sitting for receiving professional clarifications.

The Committee Chair thanked Martin Galstyan as CB Chairman’s candidate for introducing his vision. Highlighting his work experience in the private sector for the economy management in the critical conditions Mane Tandilyan has noted that the theoretical and textbook knowledge are not sufficient for heading the Central Bank.

The Committee proposed Martin Galstyan’s candidacy for the post of the RA CB Chairman by voting.

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