RA NA Staff Announces Journalists’ Accreditation

The RA NA Staff from December 25, 2017 till January 10, 2018 implements accreditation of journalists covering the activities of the third session of the sixth convocation of the RA National Assembly.

To accredit a journalist, the legal entity engaged in journalistic activities, writes an application to the Public Relations and Media Department of the RA NA Staff (City of Yerevan, 0095 Marshal Baghramyan 19), submitting the following:

a/ the full name, organizational-legal form, location of the legal entity carrying out journalistic activity,

b/ the last, first and paternal name /if the paternal name is mentioned in the passport/ names and place of residence of the journalist to be accredited,

c/ the name of the mass media, which is going to represent the accredited journalist,

d/ the copy of the identification document of the journalist to be accredited /passport, ID card/ and two photos (3x4),

e/ e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers of the media outlet and the journalist (if they are available),

f/ accreditation validity term, if it is shorter than one session,

To accredit the representative implementing media activity functioning on the basis of the legislation of a foreign state shall also submit a copy of the certificate provided by the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs attached to the application designed for the accreditation of the journalist in the Republic of Armenia.

If the submitted application does not contain the information completely, then the application is returned with the notification on the violation of the law. In case of elimination of the violations and again being submitted within three-day term the application is considered accepted on the first day of the submission

For the representative-journalist implementing the media activity functioning on the basis of the legislation of a foreign state, accreditation of the Republic of Armenia is not required (from the RA Foreign Ministry), if a separate branch of the certain media outlet functions in the territory of the Republic of Armenia defined by law, on behalf of which the application has been submitted.

Journalists, photographers and video operators of newspapers with 1500 and more publications, magazines and weeklies with 1000 and over publications, internet media with 2000 and more visitors per day /average index of visits of the month preceding the date of accreditation/ and updated at least once a week, news agencies, Radio and TV broadcasting companies, foreign TV and Radio broadcasting companies with correspondent items in the city of Yerevan, registered in the RA Ministry of Justice can be accredited in the National Assembly.

From any media meeting the abovementioned requirements not more than four representatives can be accredited.

The representatives of the non media-analytical programme series of the TV and Radio Companies, TV and Radio companies not having corresponding points in Yerevan, NGOs, press services of the parties, press clubs, analytical centres, children’s and entertainment, sports periodicals and accounted, but the periodicals not issued in the last two months cannot be accredited in the RA National Assembly. As an independent media outlet the electronic versions of the printed newspapers, periodicals, TV and Radio companies, news agencies and magazines that don’t have certain legal entity status, also cannot be accredited.

The accreditation is implemented for the term of the convocation of the next sessions, in case of mentioning shorter term in the application implementing journalistic activity, for the mentioned term. Deadline for applications is January 10, 2018.