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Press Conference of Members of RA NA Delegation to Black Sea Economic Cooperation Parliamentary Assembly
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On December 4, at the press conference the members of the RA NA Delegation to the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Parliamentary Assembly (PABSEC) presented details on the works of the Fiftieth Plenary Session of the PABSEC General Assembly which took place in the capital of Ukraine Kiev a few days ago.

The Head of the PABSEC  Armenian Delegation Gagik Minasyan noted that at the beginning of the 50th Jubilee Meeting of the Assembly, when the members of the Delegation were waiting for one hour in the Session Hall, on the initiative of the PABSEC Secretary General and the Head of the Ukrainian Delegation, the heads of the delegations got separated and discussed an issue. “The debate in such format was suspicious: only the Head of the RA NA Delegation was not invited to that debate,” Gagik Minasyan said, underlining that this step by the RA Delegation was qualified as an insult not only to the Armenian Delegation, but also to all delegations and the whole structure.

Later it became clear that in the adopted Declaration an amendment on the conflicts existing in the region was made which completely contradicts the principles of the international law, the regional integrity and the right of the people’s free self-determination.

According to the member of the Delegation Vahe Enfiajyan, during the PABSEC 25-year history there was no such case: “Such work style is inadmissible and non-condemnable for any Parliamentary Assembly. As a sign of complaint, the Armenian Delegation left the Assembly Hall.”

Afterwards the Armenian Delegation returned to the Session and Gagik Minasyan made a brief announcement.

According to Gagik Minasyan, that item adopted by the Assembly in the Declaration can have any essential impact on the settlement of the Karabakh problem. “The PABSEC is a structure of economic character and is absolutely not independent. These two most important circumstances allow us noting that the decisions of this structure have no power what have the decisions of other Parliamentary Assemblies.”

According to Aghvan Vardanyan, the adopted Declaration related to the 25th anniversary of the PABSEC activity and it was simply absurd to adopt such political formulation in that document.

Aghvan Vardanyan has also underlined that the adopted Declaration cannot have an impact on the NK conflict settlement, and it is much more directed against the Russian Federation: “And in this context the PABSEC Secretary General, who is Azerbaijani by his origin, tried to do something damaging with his activity and statements to the rating and interests of the structure.”

The members of the PABSEC RA NA Delegation noted that the RF Foreign Minister touched upon the Declaration, qualifying inadmissible such work style.

The members of the PABSEC Armenian Delegation expressed regret that the Armenian media, being not informed to a necessary extent, voiced false assessments on the Declaration and the activities of the Armenian Delegation.

The members of the Delegation have noted that certain programmes and strategic steps are under elaboration relating to the further activities.

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