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RA NA Factions Meet with PACE Monitoring Committee Co-Rapporteurs for Armenia Alan Meale and Giuseppe Galati
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On November 7, the RA NA factions met with PACE Monitoring Committee Co-Rapporteurs for Armenia Alan Meale and Giuseppe Galati.

The Head of the RA NA ARF Faction Armen Rustamyan and the Secretary of the Faction Aghvan Vardanyan met with PACE Monitoring Committee Co-Rapporteurs for Armenia Giuseppe Galati and Alan Meale.

Armen Rustamyan presented the steps taken in our country after the constitutional reforms, touched upon the harmonization works of legislation and the mechanism of parliamentary oversight.

The ARF representatives also referred to the adoption of the RA Electoral Code, the RA Law on Control Chamber and the Judicial Code, underlining that during short period our country would record positive results on the platform of the establishment of democracy and the creation of the guarantees of protection of human rights.

In the context of the RA-EU relations the sides talked about the signing of the RA-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement and the readiness of boosting Armenia’s ties with the European Union.

The co-rapporteurs were interested in the fight against corruption, in connection with that the members of the ARF Faction have underlined that the corruption is a serious challenge, and against it essential steps are undertaken.

The Head of the RA NA Way Out Faction Nikol Pashinyan, the members of the Faction Mane Tandilyan, Gevorg Gorgisyan and Ararat Mirzoyan met with Alan Meale and Giuseppe Galati.

At the guests’ request the Head and the members of the Way Out Faction touched upon their role and mission in the parliament and the legislative activities on the political plane.

Introducing his colleagues, Nikol Pashinyan talkaed about the political path of the Way Out ally, touched upon the shortcomings in recent parliamentary elections and the legislative gaps, presented the legislative activities of the Faction.

Mane Tandilyan presented the programme provisions and priorities of the Way Out ally, referred to the electoral fraud, the corruption cases disclosed during recent parliamentary elections. In the deputy’s word, there are problems, and for their solution the opposition is ready to cooperate with the political majority.

Ararat Mirzoyan has noted that the Way Out is the political force, which should take the democratic changes to its logical end, having as a result democratic society. “Our mission is the restoration of the people’s faith towards future,” the MP noted.

In Gevorg Gorgisyan’s word, from the first day the Faction has been ready to develop joint parliamentary activities with the political forces. According to him, the Way Out is the only political force believing in democracy, the free market relations and the idea of creating European state.

By the proposal of PACE Monitoring Committee Co-Rapporteurs for Armenia Alan Meale representatives of the RA NA Tsarukyan Faction Ararat Zurabyan and Gevorg Petrosyan touched upon the role of the importance of the parliament after April and the parliament-government relations.

Ararat Zurabyan presented the path passed by Tsarukyan ally, their legislative activities and the political priorities of the faction. The MP has noted that the constitutional amendments are one step forward to democracy and has added that the amendments give an opportunity to take our country in a new path. Ararat Zurabyan also talked about the shortcomings of the RA Electoral Code, noting that it should be improved and the provision on the rating electoral system should be removed from the Code. The MP has noted that the National Assembly is ready to assume its obligations of passing into parliamentary system of government and overcome all obstacles.

“We have political and legislative sufficient experience for developing full activities,” the MP noted.

Highlighting the constitutional amendments, Gevorg Petrosyan has noted that the faction has a denial position towards the draft laws, which stems from the people’s interest. “The RA NA Tsarukyan ally is consistent for the solution of the people’s social problems outside parliament in the frameworks of the laws,” the MP stated.

At the meeting the sides also touched upon the electoral processes, the shortcomings of the judicial system and the cooperation with the political forces represented in parliament.

PACE Monitoring Committee Co-Rapporteurs for Armenia Alan Meale, thanking the members of Tsarukyan Faction for the meeting, noted: “We are glad to listen to the viewpoints and perceptions on the role of your parliament’s future. That is what we are propagator for.”

The Head of the RA NA RPA Faction Vahram Baghdasaryan, the members of the Faction Hermine Naghdalyan, Hrayr Tovmasyan, Araik Hovhannisyan and Rustam Makhmudyan also met with PACE Monitoring Committee Co-Rapporteurs for Armenia Alan Meale and Giuseppe Galati.

Vahram Baghdasaryan thanked PACE Monitoring Committee for the work done by the co-rapporteurs in cooperation with Armenia and strengthening democracy, expressing conviction that the cooperation would be continuous. In this context Mr Baghdasaryan underscored especially the effective support in the processes of the constitutional reforms, as well as the adoption of the Electoral Code.

Regarding the steps being implemented in our country in fight against corruption, Mr Baghdasaryan has underlined that it is a permanent process: during recent years considerable work has been done in recent years, and especially after constitutional reforms. In the word of the Head of the Faction, due to the joint work it is possible to reach the expecting result.

Talking about parliamentary elections held in our country, Mr Baghdasaryan noted that in the positive sense they differed from all elections held in Armenia. He also presented the processes of the compliance of legislation after the constitutional reforms.

Hermine Naghdalyan considered best example of cooperation the joint work the RA National Assembly-PACE Monitoring Committee-co-rapporteurs. Regarding the issue of turning into the parliamentary system of government Mrs Naghdalyan noted: “The pledge of overcoming every path is to walk through that path, and today the Armenian Parliament does it, taking the legislative steps, which are necessary for tuning into parliamentary government.”

At the guests’ request Hrayr Tovmasyan has touched upon particularly the issues concerning the decisions of the Constitutional Court (CC), documenting that unlike a number of countries, there are no problems in not implementing the CC decisions. It has been noted that by the new Constitution the Constitution Court has received the most important authority, which relates to the solution of the disputes between the highest bodies of the power: it gives an opportunity to find constitutional solutions in conflicting situations and get out of the crisis situation. The MP has noted that the new draft law on the Constitutional Court was also sent to the Venice Commission.

Mr Tovmasyan also presented the steps taken directed to the rise of the trust of the public towards the electoral processes, as well as the fight against corruption.

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