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Working Visit of RA NA President Ara Babloyan to Gegharkunik Marz
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On July 25, the RA NA President Ara Babloyan visited Gegharkunik Marz. The Head of Gegharkunik Marz Karen Botoyan and the Director of the Regional Development Fund of Armenia (RDFA) Ashot Kirakosyan were accompanying the Head of the Parliament.

Within the framework of the visit Ara Babloyan attended the Children’s Development and Rehabilitation Center of Gavar ( capital of the Gegharkunik Marz ). The Head of the Parliament took a tour in the Center, talked with the parents of the children with limited abilities taking special treatment courses, with specialists and children.

In the Rehabilitation Center about 350 0-18 year olds with physical, mental, hearing, language and psychological problems from different communities of the marz are served for free. As the RA NA President was presented on the spot, 10 permanent jobs opened in the Children’s Development and Rehabilitation Center, and most importantly, all the specialists are locals.

Afterwards, the Head of the Parliament visited the Kindergarten N 5 of Gavar, where capital repairing is underway scheduled to be finished in September 2018. In the modernized kindergarten 4 groups will be functioning: one comprised of children with limited abilities provided with all the necessary conditions for inclusive education.

Within the framework of the visit the RA NA President also attended Gavar Orphanage with 58 children. Ara Babloyan was taken on a tour of the premises, got acquainted with the conditions and observed the event prepared by the orphans.

“Our responsibility towards children is not only to provide happy childhood, but also happy future,” presenting the main goal of the visit, Ara Babloyan noted in his talk with the journalists and added: “Our initiated program is mainly directed to the protection of children’s rights, furthermore, it should be fulfilled in the spheres of education, social security, health care, culture and in other spheres. We should do our best in order the program works effectively, involving the link between the Rehabilitation Center-Kindergarten-School-Specialization and work. After the Rehabilitation Center the vulnerable children will continue their inclusive education at kindergartens, then at schools. Our goal is also to discover, for instance, the newly born children’s hearing problems in time and give precise diagnosis for free, which will help them later not to speak artificially via apparatus,” Ara Babloyan concluded.

Highlighting the timely diagnosing and treatment of diseases, the RA NA President has also noted that the earlier children’s problems are solved, the sooner they will return to the family, which in its turn will promote the unloading of orphanages.

At the end of his visit the Head of the Parliament also visited the Medical Center under construction in Sevan, where the hospital and polyclinics are designed to be united in one multi-functional Medical Center. The newly built Medical Center of Sevan is going to be full with modern medical equipment.

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