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RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan’s Welcome Speech to Participants of Forum on Armenian Political Parties
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On June 16, the delegation led by the RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan participated in the Third Forum on Armenian Political Parties in Stepanakert. Ara Babloyan came up with a speech, which said:

“Distinguished guests of the Inter-party Forum,

Honourable colleagues,

I welcome you, the participants of the Forum on Armenian Political Parties. It is an important platform for the discussion of either inter-party, inter-state or national issues.

The political parties of Artsakh and Armenia as organizations are in different political and electoral districts, but they display pro-Armenian and Armenia-centered activities in the same, Armenian territory. They have political programmes and goals close to each other which stem from the priorities of a nation having two states, from the challenges facing us. Our parties have a rather rich political capital which they can use efficiently for reaching those goals.

Dear friends,

The Artsakh conflict, as one of the priorities of Armenia’s foreign policy, has its unique place in the programmes of political forces functioning in Armenia. In all national elections in their pre-election campaigns they highlight the Artsakh issue, relations with the Republic of Artsakh, and are ready to promote economic development, protect its security and right to self-determination.

The political forces of Armenia are the reliable partners of Artsakh parties, and are ready to use their opportunities for the increase of their political experience, information basis and expanding the international relations. It is logical that the provisions concerning the relations with the Republic of Armenia, as well as all-Armenian provisions occupy an important place in the political programmes of Artsakh political parties.

All the political forces of Armenia with their certain differences in the programme, as our nation, are united in one issue, the destiny of Artsakh. I am confident that in case of Artsakh’s party palette, there is the same cohesion in the issue of state fate. But inter-party constructive cooperation is making greater the potential and possibilities that the political forces of Armenia and Artsakh separately have. Only through joint efforts it is possible to turn the existing challenges into new possibilities, ensuring security and development for Armenia and Artsakh.

Honourable colleagues,

I am confident that this platform will have its contribution to the exchange of experience and information between political parties of the two Armenian states, in the advancement of dialogue and political culture in general.

I wish you productive work.”

RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan Visits Frontline in Artsakh
On June 16, the delegation led by the RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan, comprised of the RA NA deputies Koryun Nahapetyan, Gagik Melikyan, Gevorg Petrosyan, Romik Manukyan, Gevorg Gorgisyan and the NA Chief of Staff, General Secretary Ara Saghatelyan, visited the frontline and one of the military units in...

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