Press Conference of the Parliamentary Delegation of the Kingdom of Belgium in the Parliament
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On September 12 the press conference of the members of the Parliamentary Delegation of the Kingdom of Belgium was held.

The President of the Brussels Regional Parliament Julie de Groote noted that during the visit they had meetings with the leadership, opposition of the country, the representatives of the NGOs, visited Nagorno Karabakh, got acquainted with the situation on the spot and the tendencies of the development of democracy. In her word, as a result of those meetings and private contacts they have understood that both in Armenia and in Karabakh there is high level of freedom of speech. Mrs De Groote has noted that the European values are way of life, and in Armenia and in Artsakh they felt the public will of integrating into Europe and the European genuine values. Mrs De Groote has stated that she is impressed by the Nagorno Karabakh people’s optimism towards future and the wish of living and building in dignified way. The MP highlighted their visit to Artsakh, where they directly contacted with the Artsakh people, witnessed the procedure of building statehood of the republic on the spot. She also talked about the process of the NK conflict settlement.

The Belgian parliamentarians also touched upon the visit to Nagorno Karabakh, presented their impressions, underlining that there is a lack of information on the NK in Europe. In this context they emphasized the necessity of such visits. The members of the parliament also referred to the problems of the protection of human rights in Azerbaijan, the process of the Armenian Genocide recognition and the regional security.

The members of the parliament also answered the journalists’ other questions.