Consultation at the RA National Assembly Speaker Held
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Today during the consultation held by the RA National Assembly Speaker Samvel Nikoyan among other items the document sent to the RA NA Speaker by the RA Special Investigation Service was also discussed.

During the discussion it has been recorded that the items mentioned in the document are regulated under the Articles 45, 56 and 61 of the RA Law “Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly." In particular, under the 2.3 paragraph of Article 56 it is defined that the deputy shall propose to restore the results of the voting on the electric display by speech on the order of conducting the sitting and express opinion about the violations during voting. In the mentioned sitting during voting Larisa Alaverdyan, delivering her speech in the order of conducting, has noted one deputy’s name, saying that he has voted instead of the other one, but she hasn’t proposed to restore the results of voting on the electric display. The person presiding over the sitting, taking into account the results of voting, and the fact that the mentioned case does not essentially have an impact on the results of voting, has not announced re-voting.

Regarding the mentioning on the violations of the Rules of Procedure made by the deputies during the sitting, it’s a fact that besides the above mentioned case concretely no other deputies’ names have sounded. Hence, the person presiding over the sitting, on the basis of the paragraph 3 of Article 45 of the RA Law “Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly” disciplinary measures towards the deputies hasn’t applied, urging the deputies not to vote instead of another one.

During the consultation, emphasizing the exclusion of such cases, it was noted that the items concerning the rules of the deputy’s behaviour are also included in the functions of the Committee on Ethics, created as a result of the amendment to the RA Law “Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly” passed in the first reading in the RA National Assembly, functioning mechanisms are designed to prevent the negative phenomena under discussion.

As a result of discussion, the RA National Assembly Speaker Samvel Nikoyan decided to apply to the RA National Assembly factions, calling on to work on excluding such phenomena from now on.

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