Parliament debates issue of electing a judge of Constitutional Court
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According to Article 166 of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the RA General Assembly of Judges proposed Davit Khachaturyan’s candidacy for the vacancy of the judge of the Constitutional Court.

The issue of electing a judge of the Constitutional Court was debated at the RA NA regular sitting on May 21.

The President of the Court of Cassation Lilit Tadevosyan briefly presented the biography and work activities of candidate Davit Khachaturyan.

Candidate of Law Davit Khachaturyan was a member of the RA Chamber of Advocates from 2016 to January 2021. On January 22, 2021, he was elected as a member of the Supreme Judicial Council by the RA NA, and by the decree of the RA President on October 30, 2023, he was appointed a judge of the Criminal Chamber of the RA Court of Cassation. Davit Khachaturyan is also engaged in scientific and pedagogical activities.

The Candidate for judge of the Constitutional Court Davit Khachaturyan referred in his speech to the basic principles that predetermine the mission of the Constitutional Court and the decision-making method. He underscored that the institutional independence of the judiciary and the individual independence of judges can exist and is possible only under democratic conditions. He spoke about the role of the Constitutional Court in the formation of the Government, the constitutional control of the Constitutional Court, the principles of democratic and legal legitimacy, presenting his vision.

Answering the MPs’ questions, the candidate touched upon the possibility of transitioning to the Supreme Court system, the workload of the existing Constitutional Court.

In their speeches, the MPs talked about the events taking place in Tavush.

In his extraordinary speech, the RA NA President Alen Simonyan, referring to the manipulated information, stated that the goal of a part of the society is that the Republic of Armenia, as an independent unit, does not exist. The Head of Parliament does not consider it a coincidence that the church is involved in these processes. “Once again, an attempt was made to generate a movement by playing on people’s emotions. The attempt was not successful and now a strategy is being chosen to get out of the situation,” the President of the National Assembly said. In his opinion, it is time to discuss why the current tax obligations in Armenia are not applied to the church. Summarizing, the President of the National Assembly stated that the reality is the only one: The Government of the Republic of Armenia is doing everything to ensure that Armenia has a clear border.

The debate of the issue will continue on May 22 at the NA regular sitting.

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