Annual report on activity of Commission on Television and Radio for 2023 presented to Parliament
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The media being under the control of the Commission operated freely last year without interference from the authorities: The Chairman of the Commission on Television and Radio (CTR) Tigran Hakobyan noted, presenting the annual report on the activity of the Commission on Television and Radio in 2023 at the NA regular sitting on April 30.

The CTR Chairman informed that every year the Commission sends an official written request to the network operators, licensed and authorized television and radio companies and inquires whether there have been cases of interference in the editorial or personnel policy by various branches of the Government, limiting the right to express opinions, and obstructing their normal work. According to him, no complaints have been received that need the Commission’s intervention.

According to Tigran Hakobyan, the media field has many problems: The sector is adversely affected by many factors that have been mentioned in previous years’ reports.

Speaking about the transparency and independence of the Commission’s activity, Tigran Hakobyan mentioned that the regulatory state body, its members and the employees of the body’s structural divisions exercise their powers independently and obey only the law. “The Commission acted only in accordance with the RA Constitution and legislation. Last year, all the decisions were made without external interference and influence, based on the principle of collegiality,” the CTR Chairman said.

He informed that the Commission's impartiality and professionalism are often questioned, they talk about the execution of a political order by the authorities, but these accusations were not substantiated by any facts or cases.

The Commission carried out its work according to the principles of transparency and accountability: 82 messages, 9 announcements were published on the official website within a year.

Tigran Hakobyan pointed out that certain legislative regulations are necessary to regulate the audiovisual media sector.

According to the rapporteur, as of December 31, 2023, 113 licensed companies were operating in Armenia, 22 of which are audiovisual media service providers, 29 are audio and 62 are network operators.

There are also companies operating without a license, these are 2 audio-visual and 4 audio programmes of public companies, as well as the broadcasters operating on the basis of interstate and international agreements.

Referring to the functions of the Commission, the CTR Chairman emphasized the importance of the monitoring of broadcasters and operators, noting that it is carried out in accordance with the law, for at least 5 days per month for each broadcaster.

Tigran Hakobyan answered the MPs’ questions and gave clarifications.

The debate of the issue will continue on May 2 at the NA sitting.

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