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Viewpoints on Implementation of RA Government Programme for 2023
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In their speeches the deputies expressed different assessments on the implementation of the RA Government Programme for 2023, made comparisons between it and the programme of measures of the activity of the Government for 2021-2026, presented their ideas on developing our state, taking out of the difficult situation and ensuring the progress of the country.

The parliamentarians spoke about the RA-EU cooperation, the problems existing in the educational and health systems, expressed concern on the increase of the number of crimes in the country. The MPs spoke about the collaboration of the opposition and power political forces in parliament, the formulation of the Armenian political agenda and the importance of its service, the demarcation of the historical Armenia and the real Armenia, what happened in Nagorno Karabakh.

The opposition deputies expressed accusations on the policy pursued by the Government in different directions. As the representative of the ruling force, the implementation of the Government programme will be of historical significance, as it is the real implementation of the real programme of the real government of the real Republic of Armenia.

The RA NA Vice President Ruben Rubinyan referred to the conflicting viewpoints expressed by the opposition if different times and assured: “We have numerous challenges, but don’t doubt that prosperous and safe is expected to Armenia. The Government of Armenia does and will do its best that we guarantee our safe and prosperous life in our real Motherland.”

In his extraordinary speech the RA NA President Alen Simonyan touched upon the critical observations on the policy pursued by the ruling force, including on handing over the territories of the Republic of Armenia and once again documented: “Nobody can hand over territory from the 29.743 km2 from the Republic of Armenia. Nobody discusses it.”

Regarding the RA Prime Minister’s speech, the Head of the RA Parliament underlined that it was meaningful and expressed confidence that the civil society and the public will study it much deeper. “It is obvious that it is difficult, it is obvious that was a turning point speech. I would like to make an important record, and we should do our best not to repeat the mistakes. Yes, the time has come to correct our mistakes. We cannot make the same mistake all the time, moreover, that we simply don’t have alternative,” the RA NA President concluded his speech.

“The Republic of Armenia is, strong state will be with sovereign, territorial integrity. We’ll have distinct drawn borders, we’ll have strong army and we have it now. If necessary, we are ready to defend our territorial integrity, and the whole world recognizes that territorial integrity,” the RA NA Vice President Hakob Arshakyan recorded, speaking about the viewpoints sounded in the oppositions colleagues’ speeches. In his opinion, we’ll reach the reality that we’ll have the right of living and creating with dignity on our territory.

The NA factions expressed their viewpoints on the report.

On behalf of With Honor Faction Anna Mkrtchyan related to the speeches of the deputies of the Civil Contract ruling faction, the inner-political situation and disagreements. The deputy criticized the policy pursued by the authorities.

The Head of the Armenia Faction Seyran Ohanyan presented the negative position on the report. “The presented report is not about the implementation of the Government programme, but more about the contradictions, and one can say about not implementing it,” he said, noting that he got acquainted with the content of the report, and an impression was created that the Government, as if, had forgotten about the programme for 2021-2026, its main provisions and content, established goals, the promises given to the people.

Hayk Konjoryan gave a speech on behalf of the Civil Contract Faction. The Head of the Faction touched upon the speeches of the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the opposition colleagues, mentioned the mistakes made by the former authorities during their activities, the electoral fraud, etc. “Your idea about Armenia, dear colleagues, is an idea about a periphery, Armenia will be a sovereign, independent state. And the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the ruling majority will do their best for that. And we appreciate the implementation of the Government programme for 2023 as a work intended on this way. These challenges have need for an answer, and we’ll continue to answer those challenges united,” Hayk Konjoryan underlined, concluding his speech.

In her concluding speech the RA Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan referred to the deputies’ sectoral criticism.

Thanking the NA deputies for the important and substantative debate, the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan noted in his final speech that it is important also to listen to the alternative, opposition opinion for the any Government and power. The Prime Minister of the country underscored that he addresses concrete question on numerous questions raised in the deputies’ speeches and gave assignments to the ministers.

“During these two days the debate made the dispute objectified between the concepts of historical Armenia and real Armenia,” Nikol Pashinyan recorded and spoke in detail about the security problems and challenges, the demarcation process stemming from this concept. “There does not simply exist more reliable legal-political condition from the state border in ensuring the security,” the Prime Minister stressed and added: “They say this government recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. In reality, we recognized the territorial integrity of Armenia, and the fact of recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is necessary for us to recognize the territorial integrity of Armenia, because the territorial integrity of Armenia is enclosed by Azerbaijan. If you don’t recognize the territorial integrity of Turkey, let’s say, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia. you do not recognize the territorial integrity of Armenia.”

The Head of the Executive spoke in detail about the external and internal challenges and the implementing policy, referred to the criticism of the opposition deputies’ speeches.

“Today, we write our history, and in my main report the main message was about that very fact that, folks, let’s get out of the history written by the others for us, and first, let’s build and in parallel formulate, write, create our history. The very last words were about the thing that today, in this very hall, that history is created, that history is built,” the RA Prime Minister concluded his speech.

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