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Debate of report on performance procedure and results of RA Government programme for 2023 continues
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We’ll continue the reforms specified by the Government, and among them, perhaps, the most important one is the insurance. On the previous year the concept was accepted, and in the near future we’ll also present the legislative package to you. The RA Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan said this, presenting in co-report the works done in the sphere of health care for 2023.

On April 11, the parliament continued the debate of the report on the performance procedure and the results of the Government programme of the Republic of Armenia (2021-2026) for 2023.

As the Minister informed, during the reporting year the volumes of the hospital, hard to reach, medical aid and service, particularly the number of the rendered services was 861,845, which is more by 74,981 in 2022, and about 2,5 times more compared with 349.269 services rendered in 2017.

Electronic unified automated system of registration was introduced. About 50.000 services of surgical and non-surgical – chemotherapy and radiation treatment, medical aid and service the patients with malignant neoplasms were services, which 1.5% more from the indicator of the previous year. 26.979 free mammographic screening examinations have been carried from the start of the programme for prevention of the breast cancer, and 9681 examinations out of them in 2023.

Compared with 2021, in 2022, the cases of the malignant neoplasms diagnosed first time in our life increased by 6.6percent, and the cases of mortality decreased by 3.4%: as a result of the rendered services this dynamic also continued during 8 months of 2023.

Compared with the previous year for the first time the diagnosed cases increased also by 3.3%, and the mortality from the neoplasms in 2023, decreased by about 1 percent. About 42.000 services of the medical aid and service of cardiovascular diseases were rendered, which is about 7 percent more from the same indicator of the previous year. 2530 services of Stent for Life were rendered compared with 2443 services.

The programme of the cerebral palsy was expanded: 770 services compared with 714 services of 2022.

67 services were rendered within the framework of the newly introduced surgical treatment of dissected aortic aneurysm.

In 2022, compared with the previous year, including, as a result of the implementation of the mentioned programmes, the cases of mortality conditioned by the diseases of the blood circulation system decreased by 14.1 percent, which also continued in 2023 – the cases of mortality conditioned by the mentioned reason compared with the same period of the previous year during 12 years decreased also by 10.2 percent, the number of the transplantation organ services increased, making it 68).

The list of the beneficiaries with the right of making use of the auxiliary technologies of reproduction: 10-35 year-old persons became beneficiaries instead of the former restricted groups, all childless women of the RA citizens with ‘infertility’ diagnosis. The age limit of the childless women with no diagnosis ‘infertility’ decreased from 36 to 28, diagnosis and treatment of 5441 beneficiaries: As a result, 736 pregnancies were registered. And 159 children were born, and 28 out of them in the families of the deceased servicemen. Other programmes were also implemented.

The Minister answered the MPs’ questions, gave clarifications and referred to problematic issues.

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Sargis Khandanyan meets with delegation of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden
On April 11, the Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Foreign Relations Sargis Khandanyan met with the representatives of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden.The Head of Division for Eastern Europe of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Emil Gelebo, the Desk Officer of the Ministry...

Hripsime Grigoryan meets with representatives of Foreign Ministry of Sweden
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