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Subject of a crime directed against established order of military service will also be a person voluntarily included in RA defense
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The RA NA deputy Alkhas Ghazaryan proposed amendments and addenda to the Criminal Code and the Law on Defense. According to the new regulation, during the military service, a person voluntarily enrolled in the defense of the Republic of Armenia in accordance with the law on Defense will be the subject of a crime against the established order of military service. “It refers to militiamen who are involved in both combat duty and execution of combat tasks. Often, during the performance of the tasks, they refuse to fulfill their duties or in a certain way violate the established order of military service. Since the militiamen are not the subject of a crime against the established order of military service, it is not possible to bring them to criminal liability,” the MP underlined while presenting the issue in the second reading at the sitting of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs. It was noted that there were no proposals from the first to the second reading.

In her related report, the MP Arpine Davoyan highlighted the amendment and suggested her colleagues to vote for it. The RA Deputy Minister of Justice Ara Mkrtchyan informed in his turn about the positive position of the Government.

The Secretary of Armenia Faction Artsvik Minasyan opined that there is a problem both in the field of legal and contractual relations, and in terms of implementing this institution more effectively in the Armed Forces.

According to the Committee Chair Vladimir Vardanyan, it is necessary for the Armed Forces to maintain clear military order in all the sectors, as well as the same responsibility. “If we hold an 18-year-old soldier in the military service accountable for, for example, using drugs, it would be illogical to exempt a person who volunteered in the Armed Forces at an older age from such responsibility,” he underscored.

The issue was endorsed by the Committee.

Young Professionals’ Parliamentary Program begins in National Assembly in 2024
The National Assembly and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) have a very good experience of cooperation. We highlight the possibility of familiarizing the young professionals with the work of parliament and involving them in it through the program. I am sure that we’ll effectively cooperate, an...

Work discussion on topic Local duties in Yerevan community regarding building permit rates for 2024
On February 20, the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, on the initiative of the deputy of Armenia Faction Tadevos Avetisyan, organized a work discussion on the topic Local duties in the Yerevan community regarding the building permit rates for 2024. The deputies, the representatives of the c...

A new system of calculation of performance expenditures introduced by initiative
The purpose of the package of drafts is to set united legal notions, to introduce effective and comprehensive toolset of protection of rights of the participants and concerned persons of the enforcement proceedings, as well as to fix necessary legal bases for the enforcement system. The RA Deputy Mi...

Government proposes to review legislation on granting state awards and titles
Only one of the 17 honorary titles established by the current legislation will remain. The persons who received honorary titles will continue to enjoy their rights and privileges defined by the legislation. There were editorial amendments after the first reading: The RA Deputy Minister of Justice Ar...

New regulations are proposed in system regarding judges’ social guarantees
It is proposed to change calculating the amount of pension for the judge appointed in the position of the member of the Constitutional Court before July 1, 2014. The new regulations being proposed in the law on Constitutional Court were debated in the first reading at February 20 sitting of the NA S...

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