Committee in second reading debates the draft on Amending the RA Criminal Procedure Code and the package of enclosed drafts
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At December 8 extraordinary sitting, the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs debated in the second reading and endorsed the draft on Amending the RA Criminal Procedure Code and the revised package of the enclosed drafts.

The necessity of the adoption of the drafts is conditioned by the facts of the things existing in the RA state and national reserves, delegating the implementation of the replenishment of precious stones and metals, their registration, alienation and other functions connected with them to the profile state bodies and providing the effective implementation of those functions.

It is proposed to amend the law on Precious Stones package on Amending the RA Criminal Procedure Code, setting responsible for the national reserve management the authorized body for the management of the cultural values the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport.

The further management of the precious metals and precious stones as well as things made from precious metals and precious stones will be carried out by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure.

According to the key rapporteur, the RA Deputy Minister of Finance Eduard Hakobyan, after the first reading the Government presented three proposals of technical character, which were accepted.

As he assured, the main purpose is to more effectively carry out the designed abovementioned functions. It was also noted that any national wealth will not go for sale.