Committee debates in second reading issue on making addenda to the law on Diplomatic Service
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On December 8, at the extraordinary sitting of the NA Standing Committee on Foreign Relations the RA Deputy Foreign Minister Mnatsakan Safaryan debate d the draft law on Making Amendments and Addenda being proposed to the law on Diplomatic Service.

According to the Deputy Minister . noted that it is proposed to make the position of the Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry being considered diplomatic service position as civil service position.

The bill is proposed to fill in with new part, according to which, the military attachés can have deputies and assistants. It is also designed to reserve the relevant employees from the RA Prime Minister’s Staff and the system of the state government bodies , can be sent to a business trip in case of the agreement between the Foreign Ministry and the mentioned bodies.

The key rapporteur informed that amendments of technical character were also made in the draft law, and some regulations were complied with the provisions set out by the legislation on Public Service.

The co-rapporteur, the Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Foreign Relations Sargis Khandanyan proposed to make addendum, according to which, persons recognized winner in the competition held for holding vacant position of the diplomatic service are registered in the human resources’ reserve, but not appointed in that position. The Committee Chair clarified that there are cases, when the participants of the competition collect equal points, but the vacant position is one and one person is appointed. Sargis Khandanyan proposes to register the person who won the competition, but not appointed in the human resources’ reserve without diplomatic career.

In his final speech the representative of the Government informed that Sargis Khandanyan’s proposal is accepted.

The draft law was endorsed by the Committee.