New regulations of Code on Administrative Offenses aim to correct legislative inconsistency
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The Government proposes amendments to the RA Code on Administrative Offenses. The new regulations were presented by the Head of the Inspection Bodies’ Coordination Bureau of the RA Prime Minister’s Office Petros Martirosyan.

Currently, Article 47.1.2 of the Code sets liability for violations of the conditions of pathological autopsies and research, referring to the relevant parts of Article 24 of the Law on Medical Assistance and Service to the Population. However, the mentioned law was edited in May 2020, and the new article sets a completely different regulation. As a result, the Health Inspectorate does not have the opportunity to take actual administrative measures in case of violations. According to the current law, these regulations are provided by Article 41.1, by which the patho-anatomical activity is carried out through morphological examinations and patho-anatomical autopsies. It is proposed to correct the inconsistency in the law.

The Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Health Care Lusine Badalyan spoke about the endorsement of the Committee.