Legislation regulating market control improved
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The draft will define the areas of supervision of market control inspection body, the main principles of market control, the functions of the inspection body, the specifics and forms of control, the powers of the RA Government in the field of market control, as well as the rights and responsibilities of officials of the inspection body and business entities: The Inspection Bodies’ Coordination Bureau Head of the RA Prime Minister’s Office Petros Martirosyan said this in the context of the report on the draft law on Market Control.

According to the rapporteur, the draft specified the forms of control carried out by the inspection body, defined the types of orders issued by the inspection body in case of violation of the requirements set by the documents adopted in accordance with the RA international treaties ratified in accordance with the RA Constitution legislation. The obligations of the business entity were also clarified.

The member of the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs Tsovinar Vardanyan presented a related report and stated that this law regulates the legal relations of the market control inspection body.

“Until now, the market control inspection body operated without the mother law, with other legal regulations. The draft was debated in the Committee and endorsed”, the deputy said and asked to approve the draft law at an opportune moment.