Proposed amendments to actually ensure authorizing norms in Law on Child’s Rights
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In the RA, the rights of the child are set by the RA Constitution, the Family Code, the Law on the Child’s Rights, as well as by a number of internationally ratified conventions and treaties: The RA Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Tatevik Stephanyan said this at the NA sitting on September 11.

The Parliament debated the draft law on Making Amendments to the Law on the Child’s Rights authored by the Government, which will actually provide authorizing norms for the implementation of complex programmes. According to Tatevik Stephanyan, the existing complex programme on the rights of the child is ending, all the previous strategies have been analyzed. “Soon, the Family Code and the draft law under debate will be submitted to the National Assembly for debate, fundamentally changed. it will be renamed ‘Child’s Rights Protection System’. In this context, we will have a very important commitment to define complex programmes, where all possible actions regarding rights will be reflected”, the key rapporteur detailed, adding: “With the draft under debate, the article on annual programmes will be repealed, and a complex programme will be defined so that we can integrate the issues of the rights of the child protection, strategic directions, aims, analysis of the situation in the field of the rights of the child protection, initial targets, and final baseline data into one document.”

The co-rapporteur, the Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs Rustam Bakoyan noted that the 2023 Annual Plan for the Protection of Children’s Rights contains only budgetary measures, which does not reflect the non-budgetary but important measures implemented in the field, a part of which is included in the 2020-2023 complex programme and in the programme’s implementation measures aimed at the realization and harmonious development of the child’s right to live in the family, approved by the RA Government’s decision. Rustam Bakoyan highlighted and welcomed the development of one general and complex programme coordinating the sphere of protection of children’s rights. Presenting the endorsement of the Head Committee, he proposed to vote for the draft.