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NA Vice President Hakob Arshakyan: Armenia is in quite a good position in terms of internet access
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On June 6, the RA NA Vice President Hakob Arshakyan took part in the European Communication Summit on Connecting the Unconnected: Europe & Beyond.

Welcoming the organizers and the participants of the event, the NA Vice President touched upon the importance, opportunities and challenges of the Internet. “During the last twenty years, humanity has overcome significant challenges and implemented a new technological revolution, and today we are witnessing the wide availability of information on vehicles and UAVs controlled by computer technology and the Internet,” Hakob Arshakyan said adding that this progress creates both great opportunities and serious challenges.

Speaking about the opportunities, he noted that the access to the Internet has given humanity great opportunities to get alternative education, access to education through new technologies, which was hard to imagine before. In the context of the development of the Internet and technologies, the NA Vice President also spoke about the importance of the development of transport and logistics systems. “Having global positioning systems, the Internet, now you can get orientated anywhere in the world,” he stated.

According to Hakob Arshakyan, Armenia is in a fairly good position in terms of Internet access all over the world: the reactions of the tourists also testify to this. According to him, this affects the ranking of our country, the development of tourism, and the quality of people’s lives.

Touching upon the challenges, he opined that they exist both in Armenia and throughout the world. In this context, the NA Vice President spoke about certain restrictions for children regarding information security and access to the Internet. The Deputy Speaker of Parliament mentioned that in this regard, work is being done at the legislative level in order to create the necessary toolkit for families, children, schools and certain groups.

The Government programme for 2021-2026 aims to provide 80% of settlements with broadband Internet: the RA Deputy Minister of High-Tech Industry Avet Poghosyan spoke about this. He added that now 66.6% are provided with broadband internet, which includes 96% of the population. According to the Deputy Minister, it is a pretty good index.

An honored technologist of the global Internet Society organization Michuki Mwangi welcomed the participants of the event online. The President at ISOC AM Chapter NGO Igor Mkrtumyan also spoke about the problems of Internet access in Armenia.

The aim of the two-day summit is to bring together experts and the concerned organizations in Armenia and around the world and discuss the possibilities of providing Internet access in distant communities. During the panel discussions, the participants recorded that the Internet connection is among the priorities today and creates equal opportunities for the balanced development of communities and touched upon the mechanisms of providing additional Internet access.

Legal relations of purchase of products of agricultural producers and suppliers and commercial networks to be clarified
New regulations will be established in order to clarify the legal relations of purchase of products of agricultural producers and suppliers and trade networks in the Republic of Armenia: the Deputy Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs Babken Tunyan mentioned. The Competition Protec...

Deputy Minister of Economy presents budget 2022 execution report in field of agriculture
The effective use of the resource potential of agriculture, increasing the level of food safety, introducing advanced technologies, increasing the level of agricultural intensification, mitigating climatic risks and increasing the incomes of entities have been set as the main priorities in the devel...

Acting Mayor of Yerevan presents budget 2022 execution report of Municipality
The actual revenues of the budget 2022 of the city of Yerevan amounted to 86 billion 187 million AMD, the budget execution was 98.5%. According to the specified 2022 budget of the city of Yerevan, own revenues were planned to be 34 billion 560 million AMD, the actual performance in terms of own reve...

State budget 2022 execution of the RA Ministry of Environment is 85%
The 85% state budget execution of the Ministry of Environment is conditioned by the underperformance of the grant programmes, which is a consequence of complications of covid and post-war. The state budget execution without grant programmes was actually 97.8%.The Minister of RA Environment Hakob Sim...

Drafts debated in the second reading endorsed
At June 6 sitting of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs a number of drafts authored by the Government were debated in the second reading and endorsed.The RA Deputy Minister of Justice Armenuhi Harutyunyan presented the amendments to the law on Anti-Corruption Committee.It is proposed ...

It is designed to regulate the issues regarding the organization of education for children needing education and development with special conditions at pre-school educational degree
At June 5 sitting, the NA Standing on Science, Education, Culture, Diaspora, Youth and Sport debated the legislative package on Making Addenda and Amendments to the law on Pre-School Education and on Amending the HO-267-N law of May 6, 2020 on Amending the law on Pre-School Education.It is expected ...

Provisions regarding right to pension of persons holding autonomous positions in investigative body of State Revenue Committee recognized as invalid with initiative
The investigative unit has been left out from the State Revenue Committee, but the law still contains some regulations regarding the investigators of the State Revenue Committee. The Government proposes to revoke all provisions regarding the right to pension of persons holding autonomous positions i...

It is proposed to increase amount of fines in case of damage to roads, railway tracks and other road engineering structures
The purpose of the amendments in the Criminal Codes and administrative offenses is to prevent cases of damage to roads, road engineering structures, as well as violations of the order of using the roads and to tighten the measures of liability provided by the legislation. This was stated by the RA D...

In NA Standing Committees debates of budget execution continue: This year little water is stored, and probably, there will be a problem for letting out additional water quantity
On the previous day, the maximum quantity of water from Lake Sevan was not let out. In 2022, maximum 170mln m3 water was established for being let out, but 165.1mln m3 was let out. In 2021, 227mln m3. This year, little water is stored, the year will be difficult, and probably, there will be a proble...

State Budget 2022 Execution Report on territorial administration, local self-government, agriculture and environment debated
At June 6 joint sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Territorial Administration, Local Self-Government, Agriculture and Environment Protection and on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs, the RA Minister of Finance Vahe Hovhannisyan presenting the digital data on the performance of financial r...

RA Ministry of Justice to carry out checking approximation conformity on the initiative of RA-EU legislations
The Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement signed between the Republic of Armenia and the European Union entered into force from 1 March 2021, by which our country assumed obligation to approximate its legislation with the legislation of the European Union. The RA Deputy Minister of Justic...

Grigor Minasyan: There will be an opportunity to appeal decision of Supreme Judicial Council to subject judge to disciplinary liability
The draft on Making Amendments and Addenda to the Constitutional Law Judicial Code of the Republic of Armenia proposes to provide a legal opportunity to appeal the decisions of the Supreme Judicial Council on the issues of holding the judge accountable and termination of the judge’s powers. The Mini...

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