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Congratulatory message by RA NA President Alen Simonyan on Last Lesson
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Dear graduates!

I congratulate you on the occasion of Last Lesson, wishing you high marks in the continuation of your education.

It hasn’t been that long from the day, when the Last Lesson was called Last Bell, and only the tenth form students were considered graduates. In those years, the Last Bell was passing with great vigour and was inspiring even those, who had no relation with graduation evening. Today, the day is celebrated in more reserved and modest way, but the wishes dedicated to teachers and the emotions of the graduates’ parents are the same. First of all, the modern world requires competitiveness, and every parent’s innermost dream is to see his/her child graduating the school as a student of any well-known higher educational institution or a skilled specialist with all guarantees of bright future.

Dear graduates, believe me that everything is in your hands!

Clever people learn on the others’ mistakes, and you will not have lack of such examples on the way of your new life. Try to shape yourself, try to become your best version and not to be lazy. But today, enjoy your day fully belonging to you, because from tomorrow you will get ready for final exams.

I wish you a bright future, always remember your teachers with love, due to which you have become literate, and warmly remember the school years, because one day it will be definitely clear that they were the most carefree years!

Bon voyage! I wish you to successfully overcome your examination period!

Tigran Abrahamyan: Although it is difficult, Armenia fulfills its obligations stipulated by Trilateral Statement of November 9
It is difficult to predict how the processes will develop, but it is a fact that Azerbaijan deviated from the Statement of November 9: the Secretary of the NA With Honor Faction Tigran Abrahamyan noted during the parliamentary briefings held on May 26, answering the journalist’s question about the f...

Aghvan Vardanyan: I have no high expectations from trilateral meeting in Moscow: No Peace Treaty will be signed on June 1
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Arthur Hovhannisyan: Interests of people of Artsakh should be represented by people of Artsakh through Baku-Stepanakert format, under auspices of international mechanisms
The internationally recognized Republic of Armenia is guided by the protection of the sovereignty of its internationally recognized territory of 29.800 square kilometers and the realization of the rights and security of the Armenian people living in Nagorno Karabakh, which, in our opinion, should ta...

Sergey Aghinyan elected as a member of Public Services Regulatory Commission
On May 26, Parliament continued its work of regular sittings. The Chairman of the NA Counting Commission Narek Babayan stated that the NA Civil Contract Faction nominated Sergey Aghinyan to be elected as a member of the Public Services Regulatory Commission. 64 out of 107 deputies of the National As...

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