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Legislative Initiative Actually Prohibits Import, Use and Sale of Explosives of Third, Fourth, and Fifth Class
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The import, storage, and use of explosives will be brought into the licensing field with the proposed amendments and addenda, which will provide an opportunity to take more effective control measures and to define basic standards and mandatory requirements for issuing licenses.

The draft law on Making Amendments and Addenda to the Law on Licensing and the related package of draft laws authored by the MP Sisak Gabrielyan was debated at the RA NA regular sitting in the first reading on March 21.

According to the EAEU technical regulations, explosives are divided into five groups. Weaker explosive materials belong to the first and second class. “We match our technical regulations with the technical regulations of the EAEU, and the import, use and sale of explosives of the third, fourth, and fifth class are actually prohibited. In other words, if there are fireworks in Armenia, then it is on holidays of state or community importance, during important events with the participation of the state or community,” Sisak Gabrielyan clarified. The import and sale of explosives of the first and second class will continue to operate, but certain requirements will be introduced in the provisions regarding their storage and transportation.

The deputy Sona Ghazaryan, highlighting the necessity of adopting the draft, inquired when the ban on the import of third and fourth class explosives will come into effect. Sisak Gabrielyan informed that after the adoption of the law, entrepreneurs will be given a six-month period.

The deputy of RA NA Armenia Faction Gegham Nazaryan inquired in his turn: “After banning the sale and import of third, fourth, and fifth class explosives, to what extent will we be freed from the noise of fireworks at 12 o’clock at night on the occasion of people’s birthdays?” Sisak Gabrielyan did not exclude that some people may import these materials by smuggling and use them. He also noted that after the adoption of the legislative initiative, the use will decrease by 90% or more. The author of the bill informed that the fines have been considerably tightened: in case of violating the law, instead of the current fine of 50-100 thousand AMD, a fine of up to 3 million AMD will be paid.

Tsovinar Vardanyan, introducing the endorsement of the Standing (Head) Committee on Economic Affairs, mentioned that the legislative initiative is aimed at alleviating citizens’ concerns and anxieties regarding night fireworks.

The RA Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs David Hambaryan thanked the author for implementing the important initiative. According to him, many proposals and observations were presented by the Government, which were almost completely adopted.

Issue Debated at NA Sitting: It is Proposed to Edit 122 of 266 Articles of Labor Code
The draft development works started in 2019. It is proposed to edit 122 out of 266 articles of the Labor Code: the RA Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Ruben Sargsyan said at the NA regular sitting during the debate of the legislative package designing amendments and addenda to the Labor C...

Amendments Proposed to Law on Representative on International Legal Matters
A number of powers of the representative will be clearly stipulated with appropriate amendments to the Law on the Representative on International Legal Matters, in particular, regarding submitting applications to the European Court and the International Court of Justice to apply temporary or interim...

National Assembly Debates a Number of Legislative Initiatives in the Second Reading
At March 21 sitting, the parliament in the second reading debated a number of legislative initiatives.The RA Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan presented the bill on Making Addendum to the law on Industrial Policy.The Deputy Minister of Economy Rafael Gevorgyan introduced the amendments to the RA la...

Extensive Amendments to the Law on Assessment and Examination of the Impact on Environment
Significant amendments took place, one may say that the law was written with new edition: the RA Minister of Environment Hakob Simidyan said, presenting for debate in the first reading the draft on Amending the RA law on Assessment and Examination of the Impact on Environment and the enclosed legisl...

Proposed Regulations to Create a Favorable Tax Environment for Gold Alloy Refining Process
The aim of the new legislative regulations is to create a favorable tax environment for the gold concentrate, further processing of the alloy, including refining, in the Republic of Armenia. The executive body proposes amendment and addendum to the Tax Code.Presenting the current regulations, the RA...

Delegation Led by Tabea Rößner Visits Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex: In Bundestag Resolution on Recognizing the Armenian Genocide Was a Step to Boost the Recognition Process in the Whole World
I am deeply shocked and excited by the Armenian people’s suffering. I think that we, witnessing many genocides in Europe, should always develop in the society the culture of memory and always speak about that. One of its vivid testimonies is the resolution on recognizing the Armenian Genocide in the...

It is Designed to Essentially Reduce the Quantity of the Applications Being Accepted in Cadastre Committee Service Office, Making Part of Them Digital
We propose with the reforms to amend in a number of spheres, where as a result, digitalization and digital transformation will be carried out. In particular, it is designed to submit the legal approving documents being presented, ratified and approved by relevant state and local self-Government bodi...

Draft Adoption to Promote Improving Quality of Medical Care and Service in Armenia
The draft adaption will promote improving the quality of medical care and service in Armenia. According to the draft, licensing of medical organizations will be carried out regularly: every 5 years, the organization must certify that it meets all current licensing requirements. The RA Minister of He...

Legislative Proposal Debated at NA Sitting: Some Kinds of Activity to Exempt from Notification Requirement
In case of being engaged with certain kinds of the activity, the Government proposes to reduce and simplify the administration, to support the entities being engaged with kinds of a series of activity subject to notification and promote the development of those spheres. Amendments and addenda to the...

Draft Statement of Armenia Faction Not Included in Agenda of Fifth Session of Eighth Convocation: Parliament Starts Work of Regular Sittings
On March 21, the RA National Assembly started the work of regular sittings by approving the agendas of the RA NA fifth session of the eighth convocation and regular sittings.The Parliament debated the draft statement of the RA National Assembly authored by the NA Armenia Faction on military-politica...

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