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Head of Armenia-Serbia Friendship Group Hayk Mamijanyan Meets with Ambassador of Serbia to Armenia
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We know on our own skin in case of our two countries what is the price of peace and what importance it has for the development of the country and the people’s security. The Head of Armenia-Serbia Friendship Group Hayk Mamijanyan said during the meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Serbia Tatjana Panajotovic Cvetkovic.

The meeting took place on February 3, where the Member of Armenia-Serbia Friendship Group Mikayel Tumasyan took part.

Welcoming the Ambassador in Parliament, Hayk Mamijanyan expressed conviction that the Friendship Groups with new Head and members will promote the peaceful and normal development of the two countries as a result of joint close and effective work.

Tatjana Panajotovic Cvetkovic thanked the MPs for the meeting. According to her, the Serbian and the Armenian peoples are connected with the historical-friendly commonalities. The peoples’ centuries-old friendship creates good basis for the development of cooperation of the two countries.

Hayk Mamijanyan presented the situation created around Lachin Corridor, underlining that 120.000 people are under blockade. He spoke about the caused humanitarian crisis, the programmed ethnic cleansing carried out by Azerbaijan. Hayk Mamijanyan expressed hope that the international community will make great pressure on the Azerbaijani authorities, stressing that many international structures had already expressed their concerns and talked with the official Baku, proposing them to stop the blockade.

Mikayel Tumasyan informed that in April 2022, as an observer, attended the presidential elections held in Belgrade. He noted that he had a number of meetings with high ranking persons, who warmly spoke about Armenia and Armenian people. Highlighting the work of the Friendship Groups, the deputy noted that at present there is a young Member of Serbian Parliament Armenian by his origin, who is also a member of Serbia-Armenia Friendship Group.

During the talk the parliamentary diplomacy existing between Armenia and Serbia and the fact of cooperation in a number of spheres with serious potential of development was underlined. It was noted that the wish of giving new content and dynamics to the agenda of collaboration is great.

A reference was made to the cooperation in the spheres of economy, tourism, culture, science and education.

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Senior Adviser of the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe Hosted in Parliament
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