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It is Proposed to Review the Age Limit for Service in NSS Bodies
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At present, for the non-commissioned and commissioned officers, up to the title lieutenant colonel the age limit is 50 years, for the colonel – 55, which is essentially low from the age limit envisaged in the profiles law for the military and other services equalized to it. It is proposed to review the age limit for service in the bodies of the National Security Services: the Deputy Director of the RA National Security Service (NSS) Andranik Simonyan said at the extraordinary sitting of the NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security.

The amendments and the addenda to the laws on Service in the National Security Bodies and on National Security Bodies were debated.

Andranik Simonyan noted that these restrictions often create obstacles in terms of quality personnel recruitment in the system. The draft proposes to increase the age limit for service of the employees in the NSS bodies by 2 years, except the age limit of the higher rank officers. It is proposed to envisage an opportunity to extend the term of the service of the servicemen holding the mentioned positions by the logic of the laws on the Military Service and the Serviceman’s Status and on Service in Police up to 10 years instead of 5 years.

The main rapporteur informed that by the draft a right is reserved to the NSS Director to discharge the serviceman who committed also an act containing deliberate crime qualities, to whom the criminal persecution was not carried out or it was stopped on non-rehabilitating and non-justifying bases.

The RA NSS Deputy Director also proposes the servants to certify in extraordinary way on the basis of the reports substantiated by the Heads of the NSS sub-divisions by the decision of the Service Director. It was also proposed to make a number of technical amendments.

As to Andranik Simonyan’s assessment, the amendments will solve the practical problems emerging during the activity of the RA National Security bodies, the efficiency of the personnel policy will increase, the service quality will be improved and the authorities will be specified. The urgent adoption of the package of draft laws will allow to prevent early the possible brain drain of the professional personnel from the national security system and recruit the vacant positions with high readiness personnel.

During the debate the deputies touched upon the problems of counter-intelligence and operative-intelligence activity.

In his co-report the Committee member Vilen Gabrielyan noted that often the notions on those actions are identified: in separate cases they have external similarities, but in reality they are different. He proposed to fix the separation by law. The MP noted that the MP has no proposals on recruitment of the personnel base.

An agreement was reached to debate Vilen Gabrielyan’s proposals on the activity of the national security bodies.

As a result of voting, the initiative was endorsed by the Committee.

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