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Alen Simonyan’s Congratulatory Message on Teacher’s Day
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Dear teachers,

I congratulate you on the occasion of your professional day. I will not open a big secret, if I say that every person in his/her life has his/her teacher, whose advice never gets old, and we need the imparted knowledge at the right moment. It is a well-known expression that the possible wars are prevented or won thanks to the knowledge received at school and the teachers’ deep circumspection and the ability of educating generations ready for challenges of life.

I wish you never give up the title of exceptional authority, weaken and you continue making love the education with parental warmth. It is indisputable that the role of the ambassador and the translator between the generations is trusted to you, you are able to make the child a pupil, then – a citizen.

We are proud of your work, and we appreciate it, we bow down before your hard-earned merit.

Nikol Pashinyan: I Expect the Support of the Parliamentary Majority and the People for Bringing into Life the Peace Agenda
“How do you assess the situation created around Armenia? How do you assess the negotiation processes over the peace agenda? What are the main challenges?” the deputy Mariam Poghosyan asked the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during the NA-Government Q & A session. The Prime Minister clarified that...

Armen Khachatryan is Interested in Measures Undertaken by Government on Compensating the Property Damages of the Persons Who Suffered from the Attack of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces
During the National Assembly-Government Q & A session the member of the RA NA Civil Contract Faction Armen Khachatryan was interested in measures undertaken by the Government on compensating the property damages of the persons who suffered from the attack of the Azerbaijani armed forces. The deputy ...

Foreign Minister: Negotiation Process over the Peace Treaty to be Continued
The deputy of the NA Civil Contract Faction Lilit Kirakosyan inquired the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the elements of the peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan based on the previously passed 5 principles.“Is there any development in this direction?” the deputy asked.The Foreign Minister ...

Lilit Stepanyan’s Question to Ararat Mirzoyan: Have any substantive steps been taken in the direction of the implementation of international peacekeeping mechanisms?
During the National Assembly-Government Q&A held on October 5, the MP Lilit Stepanyan, noting that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia repeatedly stated that one of the most effective ways to avoid border incidents of Azerbaijan would be the implementation of international pea...

Parliament Passes Debated Bills
On October 5, the National Assembly continued the work of the regular sittings. By the proposal of the NA President Alen Simoyan the deputies congratulated the teachers on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.The parliamentarians by voting passed all the bills debated on the previous day....

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