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Rustam Bakoyan: Yazidis are Full-Fledged Citizens of Armenia
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On October 4, the Deputy Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs Rustam Bakoyan met with the representatives of the Shangal Region of Northern Iraq.

Welcoming the guests in the National Assembly, he highlighted the cooperation with all Yazidi communities of the world. The Committee Deputy Chair presented in detail the situation of the Yazidi community of Armenia and their problems.

“The Yazidis are full-fledged citizens of Armenia,” Rustam Bakoyan said and added that all conditions exist in Armenia for preserving the Yazidi identity.

He also emphasized the circumstance that by his initiative a law on Day of National Minorities was adopted: it is marked the first Sunday of October. On the MP’s initiative by the passed second law the Yazidis have an opportunity to have holidays for 4 days in a year and take part in the Yazidi holidays.

Rustam Bakoyan spoke about the inner-community problems, noted that the issues concerning the Yazidi community are in the centre of attention of the Government of Armenia.

“The Yazidis live in Armenia as the Armenians live,” the NA deputy mentioned.

Thanking Rustam Bakoyan for the warm reception, Azad Jundi stressed the necessity of cooperation between the Yazidis of Armenia and Iraq. He touched upon the state of the Yazidis living in the Northern Iraq. It was noted that the conditions of 600.000 Yazidi refugees are socially and politically extremely difficult.

“We wish that the voice of Shangal Yazidis will be audible in the whole world also through you,” Azad Jundi said.

According to him, it is a great honour to have a Yazidi deputy in the legislative power of Armenia, who voices the issues concerning the Yazidi community.

During the meeting inner-community numerous other issues also were discussed.

NA President’s Statement on Resignation Letter of RA NA Deputy Vahagn Hovakimyan
Pursuant to Article 155.1 of the Constitutional Law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, the deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Mkhitar Zakaryan submitted a resignation letter on October 4, 2022....

Meeting of International Secretariat of Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy in Extended Composition Held in Distant Format
On October 4, the Head of the RA NA Delegation to the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.) Sisak Gabrielyan, the members of the Delegation Tsovinar Vardanyan and Hrachya Hakobyan took part in the Meeting of the I.A.O. International Secretariat in extended composition held in distant for...

Legislative Package Aimed at Improving Advocacy System
The RA Deputy Minister of Justice Grigor Minasyan informed that the legislative package providing for amendments and addenda to the Law on Advocacy and the RA Criminal Code is aimed at improving the advocacy system, which is due to the key role of advocacy in the field of ensuring and protecting hum...

Regulations Aimed at Development and Improvement of the Sphere of Mediation Institute Set
The Government presented an initiative aimed at the establishment and development of the Mediation Institute, as well as the lightening of the court overload. Amendments and addenda are proposed in the law on Mediation and in a number of enclosed laws. The RA Deputy Minister of Justice Grigor Minasy...

Registration of Minors to Be Carried Out by Government in Accordance with Established Procedure
There is no provision regarding registration of minors in any article of the current Law on Police. At present, registration of minors who have committed administrative offenses and crimes, parents who have a negative influence on the behavior of minors, is carried out according to the Order 633 of ...

Proposed Regulations to Contribute to Increase in Efficiency and Effectiveness of Enforcement Actions
The legislative initiative on Making Amendments and Addenda to the Law on Compulsory Enforcement of Judicial Acts is aimed at making certain clarifications to the above-mentioned law. The Deputy Minister of Justice Grigor Minasyan noted about this during the NA regular sitting convened on October 4....

Addendum Made to RA Law on Regulation of Administrative Legal Relations
The Government proposes an addendum to the Law on Regulation of Administrative Legal Relations. The Article 4 of the law will be added with new part 5, according to which, it is defined that the Government approves the model forms of the charter of the state institutions implementing projects within...

Responsibility Measures to Be Designed in Cases of Not Doing Demolition, Dismantling Work or Doing It Without Permission in Urban Development
The construction or demolition work is done by the RA legislation on the basis of the permissions of preliminary agreed construction or demolition, but in case of not fulfilling the demand stipulated by the permission of the obtained building by the established order, the administrative responsibili...

It is Planned to Assign Care Allowance to Parent Who Takes Care of a Child up to 2 Years Old
The Government proposes to assign a care allowance to a parent who is registered at the address of the place of residence in the Republic of Armenia and takes care of a child up to 2 years old, regardless of the place of registration and the fact of being an employee. The law will apply to the cases...

Karen Giloyan: By Adoption of Draft Our Compatriots to Be Given an Opportunity Again to Be Involved in National Teams of Armenia
The draft law on Making Addenda to the law on Military Service and Serviceman’s Status has an objective to solve the problems of releasing from the compulsory military service the persons, who being citizens of other state, received the RA citizenship and invited to the Republic of Armenia for playi...

Organizations in Field of Urban Development Not to Be Given Same License
“Organizations in the field of urban development will not be given the same license,” the RA Deputy Chairman of the Urban Development Committee Davit Grigoryan noted during the sitting of the NA regular sitting convened on October 4, presenting the package of drafts authored by the Government on Mak...

Legislative Initiative Aimed at Modernization of Management Model of Justice Academy
At present, the Management Board of the Justice Academy has 7 members: it is proposed to extend the composition of the Board by 6 members. The RA Deputy Minister of Justice Arpine Sargsyan said about this, presenting in the first reading to the parliamentarians the draft law on Making Amendments and...

Duty on Imported Cement Set 2000 AMD
The draft authored by the RA NA deputies Babken Tunyan and Hovik Aghazaryan proposes to reduce the current state duty of 14.000 AMD on cement imported...

It is Proposed to Extend Activity Period of NA Inquiry Committee for Another Six Months
“It is proposed to extend the activity period of the NA Inquiry Committee for Studying the Circumstances of the Hostilities Unleashed on September 27, 2020 for another six months,” the Chair of the Inquiry Committee Andranik Kocharyan noted at the NA sitting on October 4. Andranik Kocharyan presente...

‘Highland Settlement’ Notion to Be Established by Law
By this moment, the workers residing in the highland settlements, as a surcharge to the established salary, receive 8000 AMD. Later, if there is need for review, then this authorizing norm will give that opportunity. The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Ruben Sargsyan said about this.The ...

New Social Guarantees to Be Set for Employees Conducting Operational Intelligence Activities of Anti-Corruption Committee
The necessity of the adoption of the package of drafts is conditioned by the imperative of making use of social guarantees in full volume by the employees conducting operational intelligence activities in the Anti-Corruption Committee, as well as by rectifying some shortcomings existing in the legis...

Authorizing Norms to Be Reserved for Government in Order to Regulate Problems of Housing Estate in Insufficient Technical Condition
Authorizing norms will be reserved for the RA Government in order to define the state policy of regulating the problems of the housing estate in insufficient technical condition. Presenting the proposed addendum to the Law on Urban Development at the NA sitting on October 4, the RA Chairman of the U...

Process of Disclosing Cases of Compulsory or Forced Labour and Identifying Victims to Be Improved
With the adoption of the legislative package, in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution, the 29 Convention of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms adopted by the Council of Europe, the term “comp...

In the Upcoming 8 Years Number of Students in Higher Educational Institutions to Be Doubled: State Program of Education Development of RA Presented Until 2030
At least four educational institutions of Armenia will be included in the list of the international best 500 universities until 2030. Up to 8 higher educational institutions with 100 percent state financing will be created, not excluding the possibility of paid tuition: the Minister of Education, Sc...

National Assembly Begins Work of Regular Sittings
The National Assembly has begun the work of the regular sittings on October 4, approving the agendas of the regular sittings. The draft law on Making Addenda to the RA Law on Military Service and Serviceman’s Status was debated in the second reading. According to the Minister of Educati...

NA President’s Statement on Resignation Letter of RA NA Deputy Vahagn Hovakimyan
Pursuant to Article 155.1 of the Constitutional Law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, the deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Vahagn Hovakimyan submitted a resignation letter on October 3, 2022.Pursuant to Article 155.2 of the Constitutional Law the Rules of Pro...

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